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Neeraj Chopra wins Gold, and he is abused by some ‘liberals’: Understanding the disease that Indians have to get rid of

Liberals were quite incensed after discovering that the Olympic Gold Medalist is an avid supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Not only that, he had also donated to the PM CARES Fund.

Neeraj Chopra has gone into the history books after winning the Gold Medal at the Javelin Throw event in the Tokyo Olympics. With his victory, he ended India’s century long wait for a medal in athletics at the Olympics.

After his victory, the mood was jubilant in the Indian sections of social media. Memes had erupted, congratulations were pouring and everyone was emotional about the historic feat Chopra had managed to achieve.

But not everyone was happy. Liberals were quite incensed after discovering that the Olympic Gold Medalist is an avid supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Not only that, he had also donated to the PM CARES Fund.

Quite naturally, it soon devolved into a cacophony of incendiary shrieks and liberals vehemently professed their angst at Neeraj Chopra. It was only to be expected but still, it never fails to boggle the mind that liberals would stoop to such lows during moments of national glory.

The moment presents a unique glimpse into the psychological set up liberals. And this is a phenomenon that is observed not only in India but across the world. Liberals, time and again, prioritize their ideological victory above all else.

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They will be much rather see their nation lose than risk a threat to their ideological dominance. We see this ahead of cricket world cups as well, a game where India is much more dominant than the rest. They fervently hope that India loses lest there be a streak of ‘hyper-nationalism’ in the country.

‘Eminent liberal’ Ashis Nandy infamously said that India was suffering from ‘too much nationalism’ and therefore, he did not want India to fare well at the Cricket World Cup.

To the liberal mind, nationalism, like religion, is but an obstacle towards their dream of a ‘global village’. But they fail to realise that religion and nationalism are at the core of the human heart and provide people with meaning.

While they regard such ideals as obstacles, for ordinary people, it gives them an opportunity to feel part of a larger whole. It makes them feel part of something bigger than themselves, a part of a greater story, a larger narrative.

Ethically stunted as liberals are, they cannot look past beyond themselves, beyond their petty objectives. Having abandoned the umbrella of religion and nationalism, they seek to satisfy the desire to be part of a larger whole, a sentiment that is shared by all humans, by latching on to their political ideology.

And thus, we see them spreading canards about Neeraj Chopra, merely because he is representative of an ideal that liberals do not wish to confront. He is a Subedar of the Indian Army and has won laurels for the country.

What is more, he is supportive of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a person that every liberal hates viscerally. That is not something that liberals can tolerate. Therefore, they must hate him too and slander him if needs be.

PV Sindhu faced the same hate

Neeraj Chopra is not the only athlete to have suffered such a fate. PV Sindhu, a devout Hindu Badminton player, who sought blessings of the Divine to aid her efforts, was ‘cancelled‘ by liberals as well. They claimed that they had lost respect for her because she was obviously a ‘Bhakt’ and therefore, they do not watch her matches and do not care.

It is an entirely different matter altogether that she has never expressed her political beliefs in public. She has only been very public about her religious faith and even that is too much for liberals to bear.

Upon returning to India, PV Sindhu visited the Kanaka Durga Temple in Vijayawada and said that she had won Bronze with blessings from the Goddess. She also said that she had prayed to Her so that she could win Gold in 2024.

What Indians have to understand about Liberalism and ‘Liberals’

Liberals subscribe to an ideology that considers nationalism to be an existential threat. They consider nationalism to be a primitive form of shared coexistence. For them to succeed, it is of paramount importance that nationalism is relegated to the dustbins of history.

Thus, anything or anyone who instills national pride must be pulled down and destroyed. They cannot stand it and causes in them extreme discomfort. For them, national glory means nothing. They would have been much happier if a gender non-conforming human from some other country had won so that they could have sung paeans about how it was a massive blow to Patriarchy.

They would have even settled for a ‘cis-gender’ woman from a different country, as they could have twisted it to further their own political agenda. The Indian women’s hockey team could have won Gold but still they wouldn’t have been happy as it would have boosted ‘hyper-nationalism’ in the country. That is why they were not happy with Sindhu’s Bronze Medal win, as she is a devout Hindu through and through. It is essential for them that the medal winner was not an Indian.

Liberals are perfectly aware that Neeraj Chopra’s victory will boost the morale of nationalists in India massively. And that is why they cannot bring themselves to congratulate him on his exemplary achievement. Indians must understand that liberals will oppose anything and everything that accentuates national glory. Because nationalism is the most bitter pill for liberals to swallow after Hinduism.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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