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Karnataka Congress govt reverses changes that BJP bought in textbooks, drops Savarkar and nationalism, promotes ‘regional pride’ instead: 18 changes

The state government of Karnataka has ordered 18 modifications in Kananda and Social Science topics for classes 6 to 10, just days after the Karnataka Cabinet approved the revision of school textbooks to reverse the changes made during the previous BJP administration. 

Lessons for India from SV Bank collapse: West will disregard its own advice to ‘unwashed masses’ and ‘nationalism’ is ok, as long as you...

When I read about the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, the one thing that comes to mind if how important it is to learn from the mistakes of others

For us to progress, our National character has to be changed: Here is why it may take 7 generations

What is the biggest hurdle for a nation to progress? I feel it is the national attitude. Let me compare this with an industrial unit or even a disciplined army unit.

Two different Ideas of India: ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ chants in Bangkok and Rahul Gandhi’s argument that India doesn’t exist as a ‘nation’

For a party which goes with the name Indian 'National' Congress and identifies its stalwarts as founding fathers of the 'nation', Rahul Gandhi's reduced self-worth scores a self-goal while Congress seeks to reinvent itself on a national level.

Rahul Gandhi predicts violence and chaos in India, thanks to politics he himself has been playing

Rahul Gandhi claimed that BJP is dividing the country among various groups, and the pain from it will lead to violence

Uttar Pradesh: ‘Madarsas should teach nationalism, not terrorism’, says Minister Dharampal Singh, directs to reclaim encroached waqf properties

UP minister Dharampal Singh said that madrasa education syllabus in the state will be based on New Education Policy

I am Neha Bazdan, not a Harvard professor but this is how I am a victim

I have also asked questions when the Centre decided to change the default temperature setting on ACs. That is what a journalist is supposed to do, they had told me when I joined MDTV. Nobody said anything about applying a little brain before asking questions.

How Dismantling Global Hindutva conference ended up showing that Hindu nationalists are the best people of all

Hindus are a micro-minority in most countries of this world. Then how exactly could anyone see Hindutva as a global threat?

Neeraj Chopra wins Gold, and he is abused by some ‘liberals’: Understanding the disease that Indians have to get rid of

Neeraj Chopra has gone into the history books after winning the Gold Medal at the Javelin Throw event in the Tokyo Olympics.

Who is Vishal Jood? An Indian national arrested for taking on Khalistani extremists in Australia

Vishal Jood, the 24 yar old from Haryana, has been languishing in a jail in the down in the country for two months now.

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