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In his report, Ajaz Ashraf says quite clearly that he called the martyrs of the family to in their moment of unimaginable tragedy to inquire about their caste.
Barkha Dutt received an unsolicited d*ck pic from a stranger after her number was made public, she cried 'nationalism' rather than sexual harassment
Considering recent political developments and the rise in the political consciousness of Hindus which is reflected in Indian polity being remarkably vocal regarding Hindu concerns and interests, the achievement of Hindutva ideologues is truly unprecedented in history.
The BBC must come out clean and admit that it's research on Fake News on does not adhere to academic standards and issue an unconditional apology.
The BBC in its amended report on its research on Fake News has corrected only minor mistakes while ignoring the great flaws in their research.
BBC 'fake news' research on Kenya and Nigeria pulled down too
BBC had recently published a 'research' paper on fake news which had created quite the brouhaha. The research was conducted based on shoddy methodology, based on questionable sources and had been comprehensively debunked by
BBC's research is an assault on intellectual and academic rigour.
BBC published a research paper on 'fake news' that itself can be termed as fake news
On October 21, 1943, Bose had announced the formation of the country's first independent government which was called the Azad Hind Government.
Israel and India are sisters from different Mothers
The same had happened last year when many Madrasas refused to sing the national anthem
Many on social media have already shared this malicious video
While our best film-makers remain busy filming eulogies for convicted criminals, the Indian right-wing awaits its own Clint Eastwood
It would be a pity if we are fooled by our political leadership into forgetting our great hero, our Lokmanya.
This is not the first time national symbols have been disrespected
Pranab Mukherjee's idea of Constitutional Patriotism is good, but, we need to fix some contradictions if that idea has to sustain
'This ordinary citizen of India considers you the least likely candidate for the top job'
Governments, strategists and nationalists must be ready for this battle over opinions and ideas.
Stop dividing us, 'liberal' media.
The youth and general public will probably find it hard to support a leader who gives vague and casual answers
The professor's article reveals that he places minoritarianism above national unity and respect for the tricolour
Tagore's ideas have been used as an instrument to score brownie points against ideological rivals
At the end of the next few decades, we shall either emerge on a greater plane of existence or be relegated to the cesspits of abyss.
Goa churches have carried out such interference in the past

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