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USA: Public-funded NPR suspends veteran editor Uri Berliner after he writes about media outlet’s political bias, editor resigns

Uri Berliner worked for NPR for 25 years. In an essay, he expalined how NPR has become overtly liberal biased over the years, to the point of neglecting genuine stories and fanning unfounded political allegations.

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Open letter from the most eminent citizens of civil society telling you idiots to vote for Congress

Eminent citizens are simply those who matter more than you, our opinion matters more than you, we are way way way richer than you

‘I don’t believe that a Muslim killed them’; Sajid slits throats of Hindu minors in Badaun, Islamists and liberals on social media call it...

Islamists and liberals are trying to prove that there was an old dispute between Sajid-Javed and the families of the deceased children in Badaun and that police killed Sajid because he was a Muslim.

Mani Shankar Aiyar’s daughter ends her 3-day-long fast held in protest of Pran Pratishtha. Read all about her meltdown

She calls the Ram Janmabhoomi movement a "lie". She begins to sound frustrated when talking about Babri Masjid demolition trying to separate "saffronites" from Hindu devotion and Gods.

Pakistan joins left-liberals of India to whine against Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha ceremony

Pakistan unsolicitedly issued a statement whining against the Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha ceremony in Ayodhya.

I was in the stadium – disappointed at India’s loss and angry at those dissing the crowd. Here is how I felt during the...

It was the 43rd over. I was at the stands with a mix of disappointment and admiration as the ICC World Cup 2023's final match played out

Leftists and Islamists try to blame Hindus for a Muslim boy carving ‘Jai Bholenath’ on another Muslim boy as a ‘prank’ in Bareilly

In the Bareilly incident, Mohammad Shadab was identified as the accused, but still Islamists and the leftist-liberal brigade abused and vilified Hindus, accusing them of a crime that was actually carried out by a Muslim youth.

The asinine ‘Monu Monu’ song by Ravish Kumar just gave a violent call to action: Here is that one sentence and why it is...

Ravish Kumar says, "Find out Monu, Flush out Monu" talking about Monu Manesar and the Nuh violence where Islamists attacked Hindus

ISRO scientists visit Tirupati temple ahead of Chandrayaan-3 launch, upset self-styled “astrophysicists” of Twitter

Left-liberals mock ISRO scientists for visiting Tirupati temple before the launch of Chandrayaan-3

‘Liberals’, Islamists, including ex-SIMI father of Umar Khalid, hold program to brand him ‘innocent’ as he completes 1000 days in jail, whitewash role in...

On 9th June 2023, liberals and Islamists in Delhi organised a program in the Press Club of India as it marks 1000 days of Islamist Umar Khalid being in jail.

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