Monday, September 27, 2021



In front of PM Modi, Biden certifies that American liberal media is worthless lapdogs: Here is how

What did the American media get in return for such loyalty? Yesterday, President Biden humiliated the American media in front of PM Modi.

Canada: Justin Trudeau set to return as Prime Minister again, CBC projects

It is not yet clear whether the Liberals in Canada will form a majority government or a minority government as results are still pouring in.

‘Justice for Rabiya’: How ‘liberals’ showed once again their fight is not against rapes but all about fanning communal hate

For 'liberals', justice for Rabiya is now a thing of past now that they know the prime accused is one Nizamuddin.

How ‘activism’ by Church groups and global ‘liberal’ organizations has left Sri Lanka starving

Our neighbour Sri Lanka is in crisis. Stocks of basic food items, such as rice and sugar, are running dangerously low. This has led to skyrocketing prices of essential commodities and of course, hoarding.

How ‘liberals’ whitewash the Muslim ‘fake identity’ crimes: Tear-jerking, guilt-tripping, imagined stories of oppression and society held to ransom

Recently, a video went viral where a Muslim bangle seller was being thrashed by several people who were presumably all Hindus.

Not satire: In a bid to attack PM Modi, ‘Liberals’ in India hail Islamist group Taliban for ‘holding press conference’

So what if they beat up women, indulge in public flogging and execution, have zero regard for human rights. At least Taliban held a press conference!

‘Liberals’ attack Shashi Tharoor for ‘revealing’ Malayalis in Taliban, Tharoor proves how Keralites are indeed joining terror groups

Shashi Tharoor was attacked by 'liberals' for voicing concerns over people from Kerala taking the radicalisation route.

Hazaar laanat redux: ‘Liberals’ get furious at ‘right wing’ and ‘Sanghis’ after Afghanistan falls to Taliban

These are also the same people who had attacked the 'right wing' after Taliban killed Indian photojournalist Danish Siddiqui, who came to prominence recently over funeral pyre pictures amid second wave of coronavirus pandemic.

Image of a girl child surrounded by men in bondage sex costume wins award at Dutch Pride event

Photograph of a little girl with several men in bondage gear wins award at Dutch Pride event.

‘Liberals’ use Neeraj Chopra’s disgruntled former coach Uwe Hohn to discredit Modi govt’s support to athletes: Here is the truth

So-called liberals clutch to the straws to 'prove' that 'Sanghi' Neeraj Chopra got no help from the Central government during his training for Olympics.

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