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mRNA Covid-19 vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna have serious side effects, shows study: How India may have saved itself from disaster

According to the study presented at the Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association annual conference, PULS score increases from 11% 5-year ACS risk to 25% 5 year ACS risk after the second dose of mRNA vaccine

A report presented at the American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions 2021 says that the risk of developing acute coronary syndrome (ACS) increases significantly in patients who receive mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. The study found that the risk of developing heart diseases increases from 11% to 25% in patients who receive the Covid-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna using the new mRNA technology.

The study was presented by renowned cardiologist Steven Gundry at the Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association annual conference on November 8, 2021, and was published in the journal Circulation. The study findings were presented as an Expression of Concern, which said- mRNA COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning.

The study was based on a group of people who are patients in a preventive cardiology practice. It included 566 men and women in 1:1 ratio, who have been getting PULS Cardiac Tests as part of the study. PLUS Cardiac Test is a clinically validated measurement of multiple protein biomarkers which generates a score that predicts the 5 year risk of a new Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS).

PLUS Cardiac tests were done on the patients 2 to 10 weeks after receiving the 2nd dose of mRNA vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna, and the Score obtained in the test was compared with the results of tests done 3 to 5 months before administering the Covid-19 vaccine. The comparison shows that several protein biomarkers, which generate the score for ACS probability, increased significantly.

According to the abstract of the study, Baseline IL-16 increased from 35=/-20 above the norm to 82 =/- 75 above the norm, sFas increased from 22+/- 15 above the norm to 46=/-24 above the norm, Hepatocyte Growth Factor increased from 42+/-12 above the norm to 86+/-31 above the norm. These changes resulted in an increase of the PULS score from 11% 5-year ACS risk to 25% 5 year ACS risk, the study finds. It also says that at present, it has been found that these changes persist for at least 2.5 after the second dose.

The study concludes that the mRNA vaccines dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.

This is not the only study to have found this result. According to British cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra, one cardiology researcher from the cardiology department of a prestigious British Institution contacted him to inform that research done by the department has found similar results. The whistle-blower told Malhotra that they have found links between the inflammation of coronary arteries and the mRNA vaccines from imaging studies.

However, the researchers have decided not to publish their findings, as they are concerned about losing money from the drug industry, alleged the doctor on GB News. He said that the whistle-blower researcher was very upset about this decision. Dr. Aseem Malhotra also said that the information from cardiology community in the UK has showed that there has been a substantial increase of cardiology related deaths in the country, and there is need to study the link of the same to the Covid-19 vaccines.

While these results have come recently, it is possible that the mRNA vaccine developers, particularly Pfizer, knew about such possible effects of their vaccines already. The American pharmaceutical giant has been seeking immunity from any action against any future adverse actions of its vaccine. The company even wanted several countries to put up sovereign assets, including military bases and federal bank reserves, as collateral for potential future legal costs arising out of adverse effects of the vaccine.

India’s opposition leaders including Rahul Gandhi, several left-liberals and journalists wanted the Indian govt to agree to such conditions of the company to approve the vaccine in India, and purchase the same from the public vaccination program. But the Modi govt didn’t give in to such pressures and has achieved the billion-plus doses of Covid-19 vaccines using traditional technology vaccines manufactured in India.

It is notable that Indians need not worry about this study result, because the mRNA vaccines have not been introduced in India. Despite relentless propaganda by opposition parties, left-liberals, and big-pharma, Modi government refused to agree to extreme terms and conditions of the American pharma giants to procure their vaccines. Instead, the Indian govt kept its faith on vaccines made in India, which were developed using tried and tested technologies that have been used to develop several vaccines earlier.

Covaxin developed by Bharat Biotech, which faced the worst kind of attacks from politicians and activists, is an inactivated virus, which is a proven vaccine technology developed more than a century ago. Similarly, the Covishield, the most used Covid-19 vaccine in India, is a viral vector vaccine, a technology used to develop several other vaccines for several viral diseases.

On the other hand, mRNA technology is a new technology used to develop vaccines and has been used for the first time to develop the Covid-19 vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna. As it takes years to study a new drug, all probable effects of the mRNA vaccines are not known yet, and will be known in months and years to come with more studies conducted on them.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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