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heart attack

Zerodha founder Nithin Kamath suffers mild heart attack: Doctor says sleep deprivation, over-exercising may be the reason

“I wondered why a person who's fit and takes care of himself could be affected," said Zerodha's Nithin Kamath.

Noida: Techie suffers cardiac arrest while playing cricket, dies after collapsing on pitch

An engineer in Noida suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed on pitch while playing cricket. He was promptly taken to a nearby hospital where he was declared brought dead.

Punjab: FIR filed against Jalandhar’s ‘heart attack’ parantha maker Davinder Singh over littering after Kapil Sharma visited his stall, allegedly assaulted by cops

Case filed against Veer Davinder Singh of 'heart attack' parantha for trashing and keeping his stall open till late at night.

Turkish MP Hasan Bitmez, who suffered a heart attack after declaring Israel will suffer ‘Allah’s wrath’, dies in Ankara hospital

Hasan Bitmez criticised Turkish government in his last speech. He said, "You have the blood of Palestinians on your hands, you are collaborators. You contribute to every bomb Israel drops on Gaza. Israel will suffer and it will not escape the wrath of Allah."

Turkish MP Hasan Bitmez declares Israel will suffer ‘Allah’s wrath’ for bombing Gaza, suffers heart attack soon after

53-year-old Hasan Bitmez is an MP of the Islamist Felicity Party. He was giving a speech about Israel's war with Hamas to the Assembly where he criticised President Erdogan's stand on Israel.

‘I survived a major heart attack with 95 per cent blockage in the main artery’: Sushmita Sena

Actor Sushmita Sen took to Instagram explaining how she averted a major heart attack with 95 per cent blockage in artery.

Bengali actress Aindrila Sharma passes away at the age of 24 after suffering cardiac arrest

Cancer survivor Aindrila Sharma was born and raised in Berhampore, West Bengal. She died at the age of 24.

Comedian Raju Srivastav passes away at 58

Srivastav became a household name after he participated in a comedy show 'The Great Indian Laughter Challenge' in 2005 and is often known by his screen name Gajodhar Bhaiya.

Jammu and Kashmir: 20-year-old youth Yogesh Gupta dies of a heart attack while performing Shiva Stuti dance during Ganeshotsav

Yogesh Gupta was performing Shiva Stuti dance when he suffered a heart attack, fainted, fell on the stage, and died on the spot

CPR given on time could have saved KK, post-mortem found undiagnosed artery blockage: Reports

A doctor who conducted the postmortem of KK said, "Dancing with the crowd and walking around caused more excitement and due to that, the flow of blood stopped causing a cardiac arrest."

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