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As Pfizer releases more than 80000 pages on its Covid-19 vaccine, claims about it flood social media: Here are the facts

Claims and facts about the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine after the company released over 80000 pages on the vaccine

Tamil Nadu: Pfizer sets up its first drug development centre in Asia at IIT Madras to encourage innovation at the global level

Pfizer has set up a centre to develop APIs and finished dosage forms of differentiated products for global markets, at the IIT Madras Research Park campus in Chennai.

Studies suggest COVAXIN booster dose highly effective against Omicron and Delta variant: Details

Booster dose of COVAXIN is safe and may be necessary to ensure persistent immunity to prevent breakthrough infections.

Pfizer CEO Bourla says COVID vaccines offer limited protection ‘if any’, adds third dose gives less protection against infection

Speaking exclusively to CNBC, Pfizer CEO Bourla stated that the vaccine against Omicron will be available in March.

mRNA Covid-19 vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna have serious side effects, shows study: How India may have saved itself from disaster

A study says that risk of developing acute coronary syndrome (ACS) increases in patients who receive mRNA COVID-19 vaccine

Pfizer’s ‘trust science’ tweet gets ratioed, pharma giant ‘hides’ uncomfortable tweets: Read what happened

Pfizer has been under a lot of fire over wanting protection against getting sued if the vaccines give side effects.

Absolute protection to shunning responsibility for adverse effects of its COVID-19 vaccine: Details of Pfizer’s contract with Albania raises eyebrows

A Twitter user shared details of the secret agreement between pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and Albania for its COVID-19 vaccines.

New York City: 899 people given expired doses of Pfizer vaccine, Health Department asks them to get re-vaccinated

The ATC Vaccination Services have told the patients that they need to get another shot because the company cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the doses they received.

USA does a Sonu Sood, boasts about donating 80 vials of Pfizer vaccine to Trinidad & Tobago: Netizens react

The United States of America has announced that it has donated 80 vials of the Pfizer vaccine to Trinidad and Tobago.

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