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New York City: 899 people given expired doses of Pfizer vaccine, Health Department asks them to get re-vaccinated

The ATC Vaccination Services have told the patients that they need to get another shot because the company cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the doses they received.

USA does a Sonu Sood, boasts about donating 80 vials of Pfizer vaccine to Trinidad & Tobago: Netizens react

The United States of America has announced that it has donated 80 vials of the Pfizer vaccine to Trinidad and Tobago.

Not just indemnity, Pfizer wants disputes over vaccine supply under jurisdiction of US courts only, Indian govt in dilemma

The indemnity clause protects the company (in this case Pfizer) from any financial liability in case of legal disputes.

Arvind Kejriwal bats for Pfizer even as the company wants protection from being sued if vaccines give adverse effects

So far, the government has not given such protection from liability to any of the three vaccines currently approved for use in India - Covishield, Covaxin, or Sputnik V.

BMC Commissioner claims to have received Pfizer bid for Covid-19 vaccine tender, Pfizer denies

After BMC Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal claimed that it had received a bid from Pfizer, the pharma company has denied.

Pfizer wants waiver of liabilities due to possible adverse effect of its vaccine in India, won’t transfer technology for local production

Pfizer said that are not talking to any Indian company over local manufacturing in India, and they will supply to India from US and Europe

Pfizer and 10 other corporates donated $1 million each to Joe Biden’s inaugural committee, totalling $61.8 million: Reports

U.S. President Joe Biden’s inaugural committee raised $61.8 million from contributions by corporations like Pfizer and Uber, labour unions and other wealthy individuals for his inauguration events

Pfizer wanted Brazil, Argentina to put military bases, Federal reserve as collateral: Why India kept Pfizer away and how the usual suspects are wrong

Pfizer has been accused of countries in Latin America of pledging their sovereign assets, military bases and financial reserves to protect itself from any adverse fallout of the vaccine

Pfizer Inc withdraws application for emergency use authorisation of its Covid-19 vaccine in India

A major issue with the Pfizer vaccine is its logistics, since it requires to be stored in minus 70 degrees (-94 F) or below

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