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‘Travis Scott is a demon’: Conspiracy theories explode after stampede at rapper’s concert kills 8 people. Here’s a trip down the rabbit hole

Social media websites are awash with a host of conspiracy theories describing rapper Travis Scott as "demon" and his concert as "blood sacrifice" ritual of sorts after 8 attendees died in a stampede at the festival

At least 8 people were dead and scores of others injured after a crowd surged towards the stage during the Astroworld Festival organised by Houston-born rapper Travis Scott at NRG Park. The concert was attended by close to 50,000 people and many of them have described the spectacle as “hellish”. In the view of the tragic events that took place during the concert, the conspiracy theories saying ‘Travis Scott is a demon’ and that the concert was some sort of ‘blood sacrifice’ are widely making the rounds on the internet.

Videos from the concert show rapper not willing to stop the show despite watching people pass out and witnessing emergency measures taken up by medical staff to revive them. These videos have added to the rumours and conspiracy theories that are gaining traction on social media websites about Travis Scott being a demon and the concert being the “congregation” of demons.

Cassandra, a writer at Gateway, took to Twitter recently informing about the host of conspiracy theories about Travis Scott that are in circulation on the internet. “I just went to bed, but now I’m way down the Travis Scott is a demon rabbit hole. Thanks a lot, Internet.”

The deaths witnessed at the concert characterised by macabre symbols provided a conducive environment for an array of the conspiracy theories to proliferate. The most widely circulated conspiracy theory on the internet is about Travis Scott being a demon and that his concert, which led to the death of 8 people, was a mass satanic ritual.

Conspiracy theories equating Travis Scott to demon and his concert to “blood-sacrifice” rituals gain prominence after the death of 8 people at his Houston concert

One social media user said Travis Scott’s concert was another ritual meant to express defiance to the God and the embracement of the Satan. “I’m just so done with all this. It’s so obvious at this point. These people aren’t people, they’re demons. Look at the symbolism, their actions etc. We see it more and more and it’s NO coincidence. Idc I’ll keep saying it like it is,” the user said in the subsequent tweet.

A Twitter user called Travis Scott a demon by juxtaposing the pictures of the festival with the ‘Christ in Limbo’ artwork, a painting that depicts the Christian imagination of hell.

One social media user described the event as “blood sacrifice” ritual undertaken by “demon” Travis Scott.

Another social media user who had apparently attended Scott’s concert last week said he would never be a part of such festivals that serves as a meeting for demons.

Yet another social media user said,”Travis Scott, performer at the Houston, Satanic concert 11/5/21 where 8 people died and hundreds of others were injured is a Demon-crat who showed strong support for Beto O’Rourke in 2018.”

A raft of social media users also pointed out how the slogan for the festival said “See you on the other side” and the concert saw deaths of attendees.

Then there were social media users who claimed Travis Scott was possessed and was casting a spell on his audience during his “Satanic” concert.

As it turns out, such conspiracy theories about Travis Scott being a demon and perpetually performing Satanic rituals is not a new phenomenon. They have been in circulation for many years now. The strange symbolism used by him, the reference to death and afterlife is often cited by people to claim the rapper is a demon and his concerts are an assembly or “congregation” of demons.

Four years ago, a Reddit user described what it was to attend Travis Scott’s concert. “I was in the pit tripping absolute nut sack watching Travis Scott and truly believe Travis Scott is a demon sent from hell,” the user said, adding, “I can’t describe the evil and darkness that possessed him. I first hand witnessed his evil spirits passed to many of the fans at the concert.”

Source: Reddit

Rapper releases statement, says he is devastated by the tragic events at his festival

Recently, the conspiracy theories started gaining traction after crowds at the Houston concert began to push towards the front of the stage, which caused people in the front to be compressed. Close to 300 people were treated at a field hospital set up near the festival. 23 of the injured were taken to hospital, out of which 8 had died. One patient, who is 10-years-old, is in critical condition.

Scott released a statement on Sunday saying he was “absolutely devastated” about the tragic events that unfolded at Astroworld.

“My prayers go out to the families and all those impacted by what happened at Astroworld Festival. Houston PD has my total support as it continues to look into the tragic loss of life,” Scott tweeted on Saturday.

Rappers Travis Scott and Drake have been sued for having “incited mayhem” after eight people were killed and dozens injured in a stampede during the concert held in Houston.

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