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Video from Flipkart, music from ‘Pushpa’, photos from Bangladesh: Congress running out of luck, power and content

Despite losing MPs, MLAs, luck, political relevance, leadership and even campaign ideas, the Congress believes in keeping its social media game top-notch, like a 15-year-old who fails in every subject in school but is a 'TikTok star'.

Yesterday the Congress Party had shared a video of actor Sonu Soon to indirectly project Charanjeet Singh Channi as a CM candidate. In the video, Sonu Sood, like every Punjab politician giving a media interview nowadays, was for some reason, standing in a ‘Khet’. Punjab has been so stereotyped by Bollywood that anything about Punjab has to be about no-context ‘Khets’, but that is a discussion for another day.

Well, Sonu Sood, standing in a Khet for no apparent reason or context, was seen saying that an ideal CM should be the one who does not try to be one, but is offered the CM’s chair. “The real CM/ King is the one who is directly given the throne… Such a leader does not need to struggle or prove to others that he is a deserving candidate. It is like taking a backbencher and giving him the throne,” he was heard as saying.

The video then shows no-context clips of Channi, with no-context music lifted from the recent Allu Arjun blockbuster ‘Pushpa’. Thank god that Channi was not shown chewing a Bidi and saying “Channi ante flower anakunnava….. Fire u.”

The video was a very loud and dramatic projection of Channi as the Congress CM, only Congress, for some unknown reason, is not saying it directly, just showing us that it is Sonu Sood saying it, and giving us Telugu music to pick up the not-so-subtle hint and understand that Channi is their CM face.

However, now it has been revealed that Congress, in their overzealous ‘filmy’ mood, not just lifted the music from ‘Pushpa’, they even lifted the Sonu Sood clip, from, you would never have guessed it, Barkha Dutt’s Mojo. Nope. Not kidding.

Barkha has revealed that not only did Congress just steal the Sonu Sood clip from his talk with Mojo, they flipped the no-context Khet scene and used it in an entirely different context. Sonu was apparently speaking about himself and his plans to contest elections, he wasn’t speaking about Channi at all.

A video from here, a photo from 2010, some clips from Bangladesh: A sad story of Congress without content

Congress filching content has sadly become a habit of them. We are not saying that this is a habit they absorbed during the 6-decade-long reign on the country. But during the last few years of Modi rule, the Congress Party seems to be running out of MPs, MLAs, luck, political relevance, leadership and even campaign ideas.

Recently, Congress had shared another video, that was stolen from an old Flipkart ad.

Last week, they had shared a picture from 2010, from an incident of people protesting against the death of a local Kashmiri person, and had claimed that it was the ‘youth of the country’ protesting against the lack of jobs under the Modi government that came in 2014.

Congress using 2010 image from Kashmir

One of the favourite activities of Congress leaders is to find photos from Bangladesh and claim that it is poverty and suffering caused by the Modi government in India.

Congress’ official handle tweeting image of Rohingyas in Bangladesh as that of poor suffering in India.

In May 2020, Dalit Congress had shared a 2017 image of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh to claim they are the poor people of India suffering under the Modi government.

In September that year, Congress princess Priyanka Gandhi Vadra used a UPA-era image to claim farmers are in distress under the Modi government.

Then they had used an image from 2013, showing a polluted river, to claim Modi did not fulfil his promises.

Congress using old images to make fake claims

Priyanka Vadra is quite fond of using old images from the UPA rule to blame BJP and Modi.

Priyanka using 2013 image to blame Modi for farmers’ problems in 2020.

In the above tweet, Priyanka had used a 2013 image to blame the BJP.

Congress had even claimed they help the poor more than the ruling party during the Covid crisis in 2020, by using video clips from 2019.

In February 2021, Congress leaders and their supporters just took some media images from a Left parties rally in 2019 at Kolkata’s brigade Ground to claim the crowd seen in the images are the people turned up at the Congress-CPM rally in the same place. You see, just because the city and the rally ground was the same, they thought that a 2-year time gap and parties involved hardly mattered.

Congress campaign song in 2020

the above image is a screenshot from Congress’ campaign song for Delhi in 2020, shared as ‘congress wali Dilli’. They had taken the photo from an anti-CAA march led by Mamata Banerjee in Kolkata and had passed it off as a Congress contribution to Delhi’s development.

Out of ideas, out of leadership

For the past couple of years, Congress has been declaring that Sonia Gandhi is only a working President and they are in the process of finding a full-time party president. Multiple factions of the party declare that they fully support Rahul Gandhi as party president, every few months. But Rahul never takes over the job. In the meanwhile, Priyanka, after registering a thumping loss in the 2019 general elections, gets propped up again and again as the next big leader.

By thumping loss, we are referring to 63 of the 67 Congress candidates losing their deposits in the 2019 general elections in UP ‘under Priyanka Gandhi’s leadership’. 66 of the candidates lost. Sonia Gandhi was the only winning candidate of Congress in that state.

Rahul Gandhi is out of the country ‘to undisclosed locations’ to spend holidays several times a year at crucial moments. There is no certainty when he is in India and when he is ‘abroad’ in some mysterious location. The party las lost Amarinder Singh, the only significant Congress leader who had won a popular mandate in the last few years and had been busy putting out internal fights among party leaders.

However, the sad old party is keeping its social media game top-notch, like a 15-year-old who fails in every subject in school, but is a TikTok celebrity.

If only elections could be won by filching a video from here and a music score from there, using some photos from Bangladesh and Nepal, Congress would easily rule over the country. Sadly for the party, the people keep voting for others.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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