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Plans of Khalistani uprising and Hindu genocide, abuse to Hindu Gods, arrest of a Hindu for ‘blasphemy’ when he retaliated: Ugly underbelly of Clubhouse

In the case of Anil Arora as well, he was arrested on the basis of a clip where he had made certain statements, however, statements provoking Hindus made right before the comments against Sikhs were craftily hidden from getting out. Once Hindus retaliate to extreme provocation, their videos are either made viral or the individuals arrested

On December 10, a man named Anil Arora was arrested in Punjab for allegedly hurting the sentiments of the Sikh community by making derogatory remarks against Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and his father, Kalyan Chand Das Bedi. Arora was arrested from Panchkula, Haryana, on the intervening night of December 8 and December 9. The arrest pertains to a Clubhouse discussion, a voice-based social media app, where Anil Arora ended up making certain statements after provocation from several Khalistanis abusing Hindus.

Arora was reportedly on the run for over a month after an FIR was lodged against him and 3 to 4 unknown persons. When the Police team led by inspector Beant Juneja arrested him, he was trying to check into a hotel.

A total of nine persons were arrested in the case. The complaint was filed against Arora and others after an audio clip of their conversation on the Clubhouse app went viral on social media platforms. In the audio, his aide Vasu Syal, who hails from Zira, Ferozepur, made the first allegedly derogatory comment that was followed by Arora. One of the accused, Ashish Thakur, resides in the UK. Commissioner of police Gurpreet Singh Bhullar said they had initiated proceedings for the extradition of Thakur from the UK.

The FIR against Arora, who is a Hindu outfit leader and former member of Bharatiya Janata Party, on October 20 at Division 3 Police Station, Ludhiana under Sections 295-A (deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs) and 153-A (promoting enmity between different groups on the grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). A reward of Rs 1 lakh was also announced for his arrest.

Arora was produced in court on December 9, where he was remanded for two days in Police custody. A video of Police taking Arora to court was published by Dainik Savera on YouTube in which Arora could be seen limping, making it evident he was assaulted either by the Police or the protesters. As per reports, one of the protesters who had gathered outside the court tried to hurl a shoe at him but was stopped by the Police. Arora was unable to walk properly on December 11 as well when he was presented in front of the court after two-day remand. On December 11, Arora was sent to Judicial custody.

Who were all arrested in the case?

On October 26, Police arrested Shalu Aggarwal from Panchkula, Rosy Jain and her husband Amit of Pakhowal Road, Mahesh Chander and his wife Sushma Rani of Janakpuri, and Umesh Kumar of New Guru Nanak Nagar, Mundian Kalan. All these people were arrested for providing shelter to Arora. Later on November 8, Police arrested Umesh Kumar Gandhi from Mundian Kalan, who is Arora’s distant relative and neighbour. Reportedly, Gandhi had provided financial support to Arora. Police also recovered Rs 10 lakh from Arora’s sister house that was allegedly meant for Arora.

On November 13, Vasu Syal, the accused who first made the comment on the father of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, was arrested. On November 15, Police arrested one Sanjib Sharma for helping Vasu to evade arrest. He allegedly gave Rs 20,000 to Vasu. On December 2, Syal’s voice samples were sent to a forensic lab for authentication.

FIR against Anil Arora and others

OpIndia accessed the copy of the FIR against Anil Arora and others. The complaint was filed by one Parwinder Singh Wagaira of Ludhiana. The FIR read, “A person named Anil Arora, who runs a page by the name of Anil Aroraa on Facebook, has been posting content on religious and social topics. His content is derogatory and can cause differences between Hindu and Sikh communities. Recently, the audio of Arora went viral on social media that was part of a discussion on the Club House app.”

Snapshot of FIR against Anil Arora

It further added, “In that audio, Anil Arora and his 3-4 friends talk about Guru Nanak Dev Ji and his father. They used derogatory language against Guru Nanak Dev Ji, which is unacceptable in Sikh Religion. Sikhs cannot tolerate such language. The people who follow the Sikh religion are hurt by the language. They are agitated because of Anil Arora and his friends.”

Towards the end, the complainant urged the Police to book Anil Arora and his friends, who have hurt the sentiments of the Sikh community, under the sections relevant to hurting religious sentiments and causing the riot-like situation. It added, “We request the authorities to take strict action against the accused and arrest them earliest.”

Content of the viral video that lead to the complaint against Anil Arora and others

OpIndia accessed the viral video of the alleged discussion between Anil Arora and his friends during which the comments were allegedly made. Giving the example of ISIS, one Syal said, “Before ISIS, people were not open towards talking about the atrocities of Islam. However, when ISIS started killing people and releasing videos of public beheadings, things start to change. Then came the incidents when ISIS operatives mowed down people using trucks. Now, people talk about the atrocities. I believe the more these people commit such mistakes, the more Punjabi Hindus will understand their true nature. Their crimes will lead to a lesser Hindu crowd at Gurudwaras, including Harmandir Sahib. I pray every day that these people commit such mistakes. I pray they make hundred of such mistakes every day, leading to the Hindu uprising. They are heading towards retrogressing of their religion. The day Sikhism gets wiped out from this earth, I would feel my life has achieved its goal.”

Anil Arora said, “I would counter here. As you are saying, people will stop coming to Harmandir Sahib, it is not something good. If we are happy seeing this, that means we have left our claim on the Gurus and Gurudwaras. This is what these radicals and anti-nationals want. They want to create a difference between Sikhism and Hinduism. It should not happen. Even after 1984, Congress could not create such a difference between Sikhs and Hindus. Good and bad are in every religion. If their good Sikhs, there will be bad Sikhs too. I agree we are getting disconnected from Gurudwaras. But this is not something good. We should be happy over this. It is like a family member is getting away, and if we are trying to stop him, he is attacking us. We see the family member walking towards the place where there is only darkness. We cannot celebrate it.”

After that, someone among the speakers abused the attendees that caused a verbal dispute. The person said, “Main sirf itna poochna chahta tha ki aap log [Hindus] janam se hi chu**ye ho ya ab ho gaye ho. Bas itna hi poochna tha. (I just wanted to ask you [Hindus] are ‘chu**ya’ from birth or become later. I just wanted to ask that).”

His statement irked Anil Arora and his friends. One person said, “I wish that day Kalyan Das Bedi Ji slept on time.” Anil said, “I will condoms were available that time.” Someone from the opposite group said, “Anil should not have said it. No one said Ram’s father should have used condoms.” That further triggered the speakers. Anil said, “Listen to me. If Bhindranwale’s father slept on time that night, such child would not have taken birth.”

It is evident from the video that before the disruption and abuse to Hindus, Anil Arora and the other Hindus were talking about Hindu-Sikh unity. After the provocation, unsavoury words were exchanged in which, Anil Arora and some others retaliated to the provocation. In several of these Clubhouse conversations, it becomes evident that the modus operandi of Khalistanis, Islamists, Leftists and even “liberals” is to say unsavoury and abusive things to Hindus and then, when the Hindus on the panel lose their patience and retaliate, they either selectively record the statements to create a narrative on social media or file cases, like in the case of Anil Arora.

How accused of anti-Hindu propaganda walk free

While Hindus like Anil Arora were prosecuted for what they said in retaliation to Khalistanis abusing Hindus, those who use such derogatory language against Hindu Gods and Goddesses never fear the law and walk free. OpIndia accessed several videos of Clubhouse discussions, Facebook Live videos, chat groups and YouTube videos to explore the ugly side of the internet where Hindus are mocked, threatened and demeaned every day.

First and foremost, we came across an FIR filed by one Nitin Mahajan, National Vice President of Hindu Jagriti Manch, against one TikTok account that goes by the handle Sraa_Khalistani. In his complaint, Mahajan said the mentioned TikTok user had uploaded a video on his account in which he abused Bhagwan Shiv and Maa Parvati and females of the Hindu community. He also mentioned the mobile number from which said the video was uploaded.

Snapshot of FIR filed by Nitin Mahajan in July 2020.

The complaint read, “It can be clearly seen that the aforesaid person openly hurled filthy abuses, used obscene words to “Lord Shiva and Parvati” as well as to the female of Hindu community.” Mahajan attached a copy of the video with his complaint along with the photograph of the accused. He urged the Police to initiate an investigation in the matter and file an FIR against the accused. The complaint was filed on July 7, 2020. When we checked the TikTok profile of Sraa_Khalistani, there was only one video, and the rest of the content was apparently deleted. The one video that was still there was of the Olympics Javelin throw event in which Sraa urged people to support the Pakistani player. The profile image was of Khalistani terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

Screenshot of Sraa_Khalistani’s TikTok profile. Source: TikTok

What did Sraa’s say, inviting an FIR, which was never acted upon

OpIndia accessed Sraa’s video on which the complaint was filed by Nitin. In the video, he said, “I will f**k you and your Shiva. Come here, and I will tell you, you mot**rfu**er. I will f**k your Parvati too. You have messed up everything around the world. Now I will say to you. I will teach you a lesson. See Sraa from California is here. I will r*pe your sisters.”

A Man in the background talks about how brutally he would rape the Hindu woman that his dick would come out of the woman’s belly button.

Video by Sraa_Khalistani noted under complaint by Nitin Mahajan

I will f**k you and your Shiva. Come here, and I will tell you, you mot**rfu**er. I will f**k your Parvati too. You have messed up everything around the world. Now I will say to you. I will teach you a lesson. See Sraa from California is here. I will r*pe your sisters.

A Man in the background talks about how brutally he would rape the Hindu woman that his “d*ck would come out of the woman’s belly button”.

Facebook audio of Kuldeep Singh Sandhu and his anti-Hindu rants

The second video that we came across was of Kuldeep Singh Sandhu. First, it is important to learn what was he saying in the said video in Punjabi. While abusing Hindu Gods and Goddesses and Hindu women, he said, “I will f**k your Durga Maa. I will put elephant’s d**k in your Shiv’s a*s. I will put Shiv’s d**k in your sister’s v*gina. I will put Brahma’s d**k in your mother’s v*gina. I will f**k Indra’s sister.” The video can be accessed here.

Who is Kuldeep Singh Sandhu

Kuldeep Singh Sandhu is a Khalistani sympathizer who regularly speaks against Hindus. There is a Facebook profile that goes by the name Kuldeepsingh Sandhu. The profile has the image of country-made pistols as a profile image. As per the profile, Kuldeep resides in Manteca, California in the USA and works as a truck driver. He spent some time in jail in Mumbai, Maharashtra but hails from Punjab. Some sources claim he runs Clubhouse ID Dwarka Das.

Young Kuldeep Singh Sandhu with Bhindranwale (left) Recent Photo of Kuldeep Singh Sandhu (Right)

This particular page had shared a photograph of Sandhu when he was young with Khalistani terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Posted in 2021, the image circles the young Kuldeep Singh Sandhu.

Screenshot of Facebook profile by the name Sardar Kuldeep Singh Sandhu. Source: Facebook

In the photo, former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Farooq Abdulah can also be seen standing next to Bhindranwale. It is a known fact that when the Bhindranwale-led Khalistani movement was spreading in Punjab, Abdullah had made several visits to Amritsar and had met Khalistani leaders hoping they would support his separatist views on Kashmir.

Khalistanis planning Hindu genocide on Clubhouse

Another discussion that was held on the Clubhouse app has Hinduphobic content. It was being moderated by Mahaveer Singh Khileri. There were three main speakers in the 5-minute recording. their handles are PB03, Buta and Aman.

PB03: These Hindus do not have the right to speak our mother tongue. They should stick to their Hindi. They should stick to worshipping their Goddess and chant Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha.

Buta: I want to tell you something. Some time back, the business was flourishing between Punjab and Pakistan. When both sides started to make money, these people did not like it. After that, they stopped the business, fearing Punjabis would get rich. They always think worse of Punjabis. Pakistan is ready to open the Kartarpur Sahib corridor for business. But this side is ruining everything.

Aman: See, the Hindus of Punjab should not get business from Sikhs. But Sikhs do not economically boycott them. I keep urging them not to give business to Hindus. These are your enemies. They are your killers. These people write Hindi as their mother tongue but eat from the plates of Punjabis. These people kept urging their mother Indira to save them from Sikhs, claiming we destroyed them. It was them who destroyed Punjab. Then lakhs of Sikhs were killed by these Hindus using their political power. We never got any justice in their lie-filled judicial system. They say they would not allow the formation of Khalistan. Who are they to stop us? They do not have the guts to stop us. These people will see the formation of Khalistan. Khalistan will come on the map. We will throw these killer Hindus beyond Jamuna. There is nothing like Hindu-Sikh unity. People like Badal say ‘Hindu Sikh ekta nau maas da rishta’. But in reality, Punjabi Hindus are our enemies. These Punjabi Hindus will taste the reality when Bhaiyas are going to rape their women. We should not give them business. A lot of Sikhs came to Punjab after 1984, we stopped giving business to Hindus. Now Sikhs have flourished. We should continue and not give any business to Hindus. The only way to kill them is to stop giving them Lakshmi.

Khalistani handles abusing Bhawan Ram on Clubhouse

In another discussion that we accessed, Clubhouse user PB03 was also present along with other users including Bebak, Instsaar, Gill, and Thor. In this discussion, they not only abused Bhagwan, Mata Sita and other Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

PB03: Supposedly, according to them, Sita was the most beautiful woman. But Ram roamed around with monkeys and left the beautiful woman.

Bebak: The only difference between Valmiki Ramayan and Tulsidas Ramayan is that Shabri was young and beautiful in Valmiki’s Ramayan but she became old in Tulsidas Ramayan. Shabri was shown as Ram’s girlfriend.

Intsaar: When shroopnakha came, she politely asked to marry Ram, but he used derogatory language. Then he asked her to approach Lakshman. Then younger one mocked her and then cut off her nose. The story narrates Lakshman did not sleep for 14 years; instead, his wife, whom he left alone, slept. If we go by scientific logic, the only way it could happen is if they beaten up Urmila (Lakshman’s wife) and she went into a coma. If he can cut off a woman’s nose, beating his wife is no big deal. Who sleeps for 14 years?

Gill: They went on a honeymoon. This stupid Lakshman did not leave them alone there as well. He should have let them enjoy.

Bebak: There are 400 versions of Ramayan. In one of the versions, when Lakshman did not go to save Ram, Sita accused him of having feelings for herself.

Thor: I have a question. If Sita asked Ram to hunt the deer, shouldn’t vegans come out and call it?

Intsaar: When Sita told Ram she saw a golden deer, he asked her if she was high as golden deers did not exist, but Sita insisted that Ram should go and hunt it. I think it was some goat covered in curry, which Sita thought was a golden deer. After that, sita accused Lakshman and called him lascivious. Then he drew a line outside and ordered her not to cross. It was patriarchy.

Gill: Let’s come to Swayamvar. See the resume of Ravan. He had a private jet. He had conquered the three lokas. And these two were sarpanch of a small village named Ayodhya. What kind of story was it?

Bebak: I don’t understand one thing. How can they call Indra a God? If someone in my community had a character like him, we would have boycotted him. And these people call him a God. If I give you an example in today’s context, Indra is like a teacher who has sexual desires towards your sister who is studying in the school. There is nothing cheaper than this.

Khalistanis abusing Bhagwan Krishna and Arjun

The next Clubhouse discussion we came across had multiple speakers who abused Bhagwan Krishna.

Tony: Krishna’s father said, don’t kill her, kill the children.

Peobahman: If they had such advanced science that they had aircraft, they could have got Vasudeva’s vasectomy done.

Tony: Na hota bans na bajti bansuri.

Mahaveer: Google Kunti Bhoj on Google. Karan was born by Kunti Bhoj.

Peobahaman: They call Arjuna their hero. They have even built tanks on his name. That fucker became impotent, tied a saree, and became transgender for a year.

Sher: When Krishna died, Arjuna took his Gopis away when Bheels attacked. Arjun could not save them. The reason was when he became impotent for a year, his mind was set on the fact that impotents don’t fight. That’s why he did not save the women.

Tony: Even during the war, he killed everyone using dishonest ways.

Punjabi language is old and it attacks Manuvad

In this Clubhouse discussion, they alleged the word Hindu has been used nowhere in the old scriptures and tried to defame RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. The clubhouse user who goes by the name “Pahadbook” said, “Mohan Bhagwat brings the Hindu word every 3-4 months. Hindu word has never been used in any scripture. I am researching the Punjabi language. We think it came into existence 400-500 years ago. I am trying to write a book on the Punjabi language. I am collecting evidence. The Pali language is written on the Ashok pillars. When you match it with Punjabi and then match it with Sanskrit, you will realize Samrat Ashok used a similar language as Punjabi. The roots are much older. It attacks Manuvad. Our language is ancient. It goes back to Mohanjodaro.”

The curious case of Mahaveer Singh Khileri

Before moving ahead, first, it is essential to learn about the content of the Clubhouse discussion where Mahaveer was a prominent speaker and was planning a Hindu genocide. He discussed how in 2016, a plan was hatched to convert Jaat Hindus to Sikhism under the leadership of one Ashok Sheoran and a few others. According to Mahaveer, the movement is progressing at a good pace. We found multiple posts on Facebook by Mahaveer in which he proudly published information on such conversions.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Jaat: I follow you on Facebook. I am amazed how many Jaat have converted to Sikhism.

Mahaveer: Yeah, a lot of them have converted. It is all because of Ashok Sheoran. It was planned five years ago by Ashok and a few others. It is going successful.

Jaat: I lived in Gokul for three years. I saw in Mathura as well a Jaat converted to Sikhism.

Mahaveer: It was decided in March 2016. There was a movement in which some Jaat youth lost their lives. There was a meeting after that in which it was decided we would walk on this path only. Sheoran went to the Singhu border as well. He talked from the stage there. But then, Singhu border protesters did not allow him on stage.

Jaat: If such good looking, well-built community embraces Sikhism, it is to our benefit.

Mahaveer asks Ashok Sheoran to speak.

Ashok: I am nobody to start. It is because of Guru Maharaj. I am ready for anything.

Towards the end, Mahaveer asked Ashok to work for Mission Uttar Pradesh to which Ashok said he would do whatever he could.

Who is Mahaveer Singh Khileri?

Mahaveer Singh Khileri, aka Mahaveer Prasad Khileri, made headlines in 2018 when he allegedly made baseless allegations against BJP workers and leaders. YouTube and Aam Aadmi Party’s dedicated pupil Dhruv Rathee had come to his support and published a propaganda-based video to paint a bad picture of BJP and its Karyakartas. Vikas Pandey, who was named by Mahaveer in the allegations, had filed a defamation case against Rathee. Details of the case can be read here.

Allegations of misuse of funds against Mahaveer Khileri

His anti-India and anti-Hindu propaganda is not the only controversy he has created. People from his side have alleged he misappropriated funds received for the conversion work. A person named Ashish Singh Rana shared a post on Facebook and detailed out the alleged scam Mahaveer was involved in.

Rana said, “Mahaveer Khileri, resident of Sujangarh village in Churu, Rajasthan, who calls himself the head of Sikh Mission in Rajasthan, is a scamster and his wrong deeds are now in the open. His followers claim he is innocent, but I have published the Western Union slip that showed he received Rs 1 lakh from Germany. I am now showing the bank statement of a Sikh from the USA who had sent him Rs 1.7 lakh. The money was sent to him on September 3, 2021.”

Western Union slip shared by Rana.
Second Western Union Slip shared by Rana.

OpIndia tracked the transfer using the sender’s and receiver’s names on Western Union. It shows that the money was picked up.

Western Union’s tracking system shows the money was picked up. Source: Wester Union.

He further alleged Mahaveer siphoned of approx Rs 40 lakhs by claiming he runs Sikh Mission Rajasthan. Rana added, “Mahaveer claims he runs Sikh Mission Rajasthan, but it is a registered body affiliated with SGPC. No one has the right to use its name to collect money. He has siphoned off approx Rs 40 lakhs by using the organisation’s name.” He said, “He shows he is a poor person and rears goats, but in reality, he has siphoned off hard-earned money of Sikhs and used it for prostitution and alcohol etc.”

Discussion where Khalistani promoted Khalistani sympathizer Pieter Friedrich

In this discussion, a person named Bhajan talked in detail about the plans of the Khalistani uprising in Punjab and how they could use alleged Christian persecution in India to weaken Hindutva. He urged the listeners to read a book published by Khalistani sympathiser Pieter Friedrich who was named in Greta Toolkit case as well. Friedrich had worked extensively with anti-India forces and he has been on security agencies’ radar for a long time.

Bhajan: If you want to understand what is happening outside India, I will urge you to read the book written by [Khalistani sympathiser] Pieter Friedrich. Sikh Caucus: Siege in Delhi, Surrender in Washington. It is a very factual book. The responsibility is a lot on Sikhs living outside India. There are a lot of Gurudwaras. They can put pressure on India. It is a lie that they cannot pressure the Indian government. No one is talking about Christian persecution. We should talk about it more. It will help in weakening Hindutva.

Bhajan extensively talked about how Gurudwaras could help in propagating Sikh Nation theory and urged everyone to use the places of worship to promote Sikh Nation (Khalistan).

From these conversations, it is evident that Clubhouse is a platform that is being used extensively by Khalistanis and Islamists to undermine the interests of India and abuse Hindus extensively. In fact, there have been several instances where out of context videos of Hindus retaliating to provocation such as these have been made viral to target Hindus further. In the case of Anil Arora as well, he was arrested on the basis of a clip where he had made certain statements, however, statements provoking Hindus that were made right before the comments against Sikhs were made were craftily cropped and hidden from getting out. Once Hindus retaliate to extreme provocation, their videos are either made viral or the individuals arrested, while those who made derogatory comments against Hindus often go scot-free.

Note: This is the first report in the series where OpIndia will expose Khalistani sympathizers who regularly run anti-Hindu and anti-India propaganda on social network websites.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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