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In a Clubhouse room called ‘Sexual frustration of RW r*ndis’, woman threatens Hindu man saying she will get his mother and sisters raped

In an audio clip from a Clubhouse discussion, a woman was heard threatening a man to get women in his family raped by goons

Plans of Khalistani uprising and Hindu genocide, abuse to Hindu Gods, arrest of a Hindu for ‘blasphemy’ when he retaliated: Ugly underbelly of Clubhouse

A man named Anil Arora was arrested in Punjab for allegedly hurting the sentiments of the Sikh community on Clubhouse

Clubhouse shenanigans: Congress spokesperson sends legal notice to Leftist for ‘being friends with’ Hindutvavadis who asked for ‘Hindu Rashtra’

A Congress spokesperson, active on Clubhouse has sent a legal notice to a "leftist" because Wikipedia says Left is against Hindutva

Clubhouse promotes ‘social media star’ involved in Sanghi hate sex scandal, Manoj Bajpayee to participate in announced talk

Manoj Bajpayee will participate in a Clubhouse discussion on Sunday with Janice Sequeira, who was involved in Sanghi hate sex scandal.

Clubhouse Data Leak claim: Experts rubbish Hacker’s claims, data contains only numbers that can be collected from anywhere

Hacker group claims that they have got access to over 3.8 billion phone numbers from Clubhouse servers, but their claim seems to be false

Leaked Clubhouse chats: Here is what senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh promised to a Pakistan-origin journalist about Kashmir

During conversation with a Pakistani-origin journalist on Clubhouse app, Congress leader Digvijay Singh promised to reinstate Article 370

Dehumanising ‘Sanghis’ and weaponisation of sex: Why the defence of the ‘hate sex’ audio by one of the women present is problematic

The entire idea is about dehumanisation of political adversaries. Once adversaries have been sufficiently dehumanised, all manners of crimes against them are justifiable.

Perils of woke feminism: How recent Clubhouse conversation encourages sexually predatory behaviour and promotes Grooming Jihad

In a audio conversation on Clubhouse, luminaries of liberal and feminist firmament encouraged sexually predatory behaviour against Hindus.

Former India Today journalist justifies rape culture of ‘liberals’, says rape jokes are okay because man cracking them is gay

Rape jokes are okay if person cracking is a gay man and subject of jokes are men - Liberal logic.

Journalist who sought toilet routine of Mamata Banerjee in a Clubhouse discussion finally concedes BJP has worked on the ground in Bengal: Details

Journalist Sakshi Joshi recently admitted in a discussion on Twitter Spaces that BJP has worked on the ground in West Bengal

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