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UK: Out of jail Islamist extremist Anjem Choudary calls for Muslim patrols, instigates Muslims to attack Hindus, asks Hindus to embrace Islam

There was a ban on Anjem Choudary's public speaking, and restrictions that were imposed on the use of his mobile phone and the internet was lifted recently, and he is now free to spread his hate again.

As Hindus in the United Kingdom continue to live in an atmosphere of fear following the recent attacks by Islamists on Hindus in Leicester City, extremist Anjem Choudary has joined the voices targeting the Hindu minorities in the region. According to a report in Daily Mail, Choudary has come out of his four-year ban on public speaking and over 5-year sentence for inviting support for ISIS. He has allegedly instigated the Muslims against Hindus during recent anti-Hindu attacks in the UK, including Leicester and Birmingham

There was a ban on Anjem Choudary’s public speaking, and restrictions that were imposed on the use of his mobile phone and the internet was lifted recently, and he is now free to spread his hate again. The most recent post on his website that is being circulated heavily among his followers on WhatsApp is ‘Leicester: The Islamic Perspective.

The post was published from his East London home in the backdrop of the recent anti-Hindu attacks. In his post, Choudary has called for ‘Muslim patrols’ to be organized in affected areas, i.e., Leicester. He said, “Muslims have a divine obligation to defend themselves, i.e., their fellow men, women, children, and places of worship, etc. In the circumstances, they should form neighbourhood watch schemes (eg, Muslim Patrols) to be able to respond quickly to aid Muslims, counsel them, and help them.”

Anjem Choudary quoted Quran and instigated Muslims to attack Hindus by suggesting to “retaliate” His post noted, “So, if anyone attacks you, retaliate.” Choudary is known for giving such speeches that work as adding fuel to the fire.

It is noteworthy that after Leicester, a Hindu Temple named Durga Bhawan Temple in Smethwick, Birmingham, was also attacked by masked Islamists recently. They organized a not-so-peaceful protest outside the temple in the backdrop of the already-postponed event of Sadhvi Ritambhara. The cancellation of the September 21 event was already announced a week prior to the said protests, and the Islamists were very well aware of it. However, they decided to go ahead and attack the temple. They hurled abuses at the Hindus present inside the temple premises and threatened to attack them.

With the entry of extremists like Choudary, it is possible that the attacks on the Hindu community might spread further in the UK.

Anjem blamed PM Modi for the incidents in Leceister and said, “Upon reflection, the troubles in Leceister are no surprise, as it is the same fascist Hindutva ideology which has led to lynching mobs attacking innocent Muslims in India, sanctioned by Prime Minister Modi. However, Alhamdulillah (praise be to Allah), the Muslim youth in the UK are a growing and strong force which, it is clear, will never remain silent when they see their community under attack.”

Anjem Choudary asked Hindus to convert to Islam

In a recent post on his website, Anjem furthered his propaganda and called upon Hindus to convert to Islam and called it the “only way” of living. In his post, he claimed that Hinduism has no legitimate proof that its Holy texts, including Gita and Vedas, have any connection to the religion itself leading to a division among Hindus.

Anjem Choudary also demeaned the Hindu practices and beliefs such as reincarnation and twisted it to say as if Hindus look down upon individuals with disabilities as punishment for their past deeds. He further asserted that Hindus discriminate against people with dark skin and connect them to evil deeds. Choudary attacked Naga Sadhus and used their appearance to give a negative sense to Hinduism. Furthermore, he claimed that because of the ‘secular’ nature of Hinduism, the religion could not provide a system of life to live under.

He said, “Oh, Hindus! Muhammad bin Qasim (ra) brought Islam to the Indian Subcontinent in the year 715 AD, and indeed many responded to his call…. isn’t it time all the rest responded?” Interestingly, he completely ignored the point that Islamists invaded India, looted the country, killed millions of Hindus, and destroyed temples, universities, and complete cities. This ISIS supporter’s call to convert should be seen as a major threat to Hindus living in the UK.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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