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Leicester Hindus under attack

Majid Freeman arrested by Leicester Police for encouraging acts of terrorism, was at the forefront of instigating violence against Hindus in 2022

Majid Freeman, the primary instigator of attacks on Hindu temples in the 2022 Leicester violence, has been arrested on suspicion of counter-terrorism offences, including encouraging acts of terrorism.

Downplaying Hinduphobia and 2022 Islamist onslaught in Leicester: ‘The Scroll’ Editor fearmongers about Hindus after UK elections through anti-India propagandists

Shoaib Daniyal not only downplayed Hinduphobia in the UK as a 'political construct' but suggested that organisations (with supposed ties to the BJP and RSS) were influencing politics in the country through 'Hindutva.'

Who is Mohammed Hijab? The Islamic preacher who provoked Muslims during the 2022 anti-Hindu violence in Leicester

Mohammed Hijab, a prominent Islamist YouTuber and a mainstay of Islamist movement in UK, is infamous for provoking his followers against Non Muslims.

Dear Thomson Reuters Foundation – we will not ‘cease and desist’ from telling the truth about Leicester violence against Hindus

Thomson Reuters Foundation has sent a 'cease and desist' notice to OpIndia for our coverage of Leicester violence - we reject their demand

As Hamas desecrates Shani Louk’s naked body, old tweet of Leicester violence provocateur Mohammed Hijab viral, had called for enslavement of Non-Muslims

The controversial tweet by Mohammed Hijab went viral at a time when Hamas terrorists were leaving no stone unturned to desecrate the bodies of female Israelis.

Old video of Leicester violence provocateur Ali Dawah, calling for the execution of apostates in Islamic land, goes viral

The original video, calling for the killing of apostates, was published on the YouTube channel of the Ali Dawah on August 15, 2020.

UK: Ganesh Chaturthi celebration disrupted in Leicester after police officer Adam Ahmed manhandles Hindu priest and devotees

Leicester Police officer Adam Ahmed misbehaved with Hindu devotees and a priest during Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations

Islamist Majid Freeman, who had instigated violence against Hindus in Leicester, now spreads fake news to target Janmashtami celebration. Read details

Majid Freeman is a local Leicester Muslim “activist” who is known to harbor problematic and extremist Islamic views. He has links to Islamist terrorist organizations like the ISIS, Al Queda and the PFI which was banned by India last year.

UK govt orders independent review into 2022 anti-Hindu violence in Leicester. Here is what we know so far

An independent panel of experts will be commissioned to understand the origins of the unrest perpetrated by the Islamists in Leicester and ways to prevent such targeted attacks.

Tension in Leicester due to Muslim enclaves and their majoritarianism: Report submitted in House gives 4 key recommendations to protect Hindus

The fact-finding report gave 4 recommendations to prevent unrest and targeted violence, as witnessed in Leicester between August and October 2022.

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