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Justin Trudeau’s close aide Sukh Dhaliwal ‘backed’ Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in getting Canadian PR: Report

Citing unnamed intelligence sources, News18 reported that Sukh Dhaliwal, a close aide of Justin Trudeau, arranged Nijjar's PR although he was on the no-fly list. Notably, Dhaliwal has been serving as the Chairperson of the Immigration Committee under Trudeau's government in Canada.

On 1st October, new information related to Khalitani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s Canadian citizenship came to the fore. As per the News18 report, the close of Canadian Prime Minister and Canadian MP Sukh Dhaliwal allegedly helped Nijjar to get a Permanent Residency or PR in Canada. Furthermore, he reportedly helped Nijjar establish his network in the country.

Citing unnamed intelligence sources, News18 reported that Dhaliwal arranged Nijjar’s PR although he was on the no-fly list. Notably, Dhaliwal has been serving as the Chairperson of the Immigration Committee. Sources further indicated that Nijjar’s PR was possible because of the Sikh support base and his closeness to the Pakistani agency ISI.

Not to forget, Surrey is Dhaliwal’s constituency. Najjar lived in a Gurdwara in Surrey, where unknown assailants assassinated him. Intelligence sources further revealed that Nijjar was allegedly operating an immigration racket under which he would bring people to Canada to join his illicit activities. The money Nijjar earned was allegedly distributed between Dhaliwal and him.

Earlier, News18 reported how Dhaliwal floated the idea of using Nijjar’s death after returning from Lahore, Pakistan, four months ago. Najjar was killed around that time. When Dhaliwal went to Pakistan, his posters were up in every nook and corner of the country. News18 report suggested that Dhaliwal’s idea was to allegedly use Nijjar’s death to help the falling popularity of Trudeau with some sympathy votes from Khalistanis.

Not to forget, Dhaliwal was the person behind the petition in the House of Commons asking Canada to consider the 1984 Sikh riots in India as an act of genocide. India has refused a Visa to Dhaliwal in 2013. Dhaliwal claimed it was because he spoke against the “excesses against Sikhs” in India and called the country a “so-called democracy”.

Dhaliwal claimed Trudeau has credible evidence against India but none presented to India

Speaking to News18 on 2nd October, Dhaliwal claimed that he was not defending Nijjar but Canada. He further added that the issue was the assassination that was “bothersome” to him.

Dhaliwal claimed that Trudeau had “credible information and evidence” of India’s involvement in Nijjar’s murder when he accused India of killing Nijjar while speaking in the Parliament. “He said, “My job is to see all go the fairway.”

He further claimed law enforcement agencies have enough evidence to back Trudeau’s accusations against India. He said, “The law enforcement agencies have enough evidence that made Trudeau make that statement. I can certainly say that PM Trudeau is very credible when he makes a statement. He does not do so without any evidence. I am happy someone can speak for Canada.”

Though Dhaliwal claimed Canada has enough evidence to support the accusations, Ottawa has failed to present any to the Government of India despite repeated requests. Dhaliwal added, “At this point, I can say that the PM was given the information, and he spoke. This is real leadership. The justice system in Canada is very fair. There is credible information that has made PM Trudeau say this”.

When the red corner notice was issued in 2019, Dhaliwal met Nijjar. It is unclear if he had informed the authorities about Nijjar when he was declared a terrorist by the government of India in 2020. Speaking to News18, Dhaliwal evaded questions about Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS) being in touch with Nijjar, as claimed by his son.

When asked about extradition requests in place by the government of India against gangsters Goldy Brar, Arsh Dalla and others, he said if India gives Canada “evidence”, then “we will support India in deliberations”. Interestingly, he made a bizarre statement that India gave “fake passports” and fake police clearance to the anti-India elements to escape to Canada. However, he forgot that it was the Canadian Immigration Department’s responsibility not to permit such elements on its soil and deport them back to India. When India requested the extradition of criminals living in Canada, the Canadian government conveniently ignored the request despite having an extradition treaty.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau blows a diplomatic storm by making unsubstantiated allegations against India

Tensions rose between India and Canada after Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau accused India of involvement in the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar on Canadian soil. Canada expelled an Indian diplomat after the allegations, but other allied countries refused to issue a joint statement against India.

In retaliation, India denied the allegations and expelled a Canadian diplomat. The dispute led to India stopping visa issuance to Canadian citizens and halting trade talks between the two countries. India had previously expressed concerns about increasing Khalistani activities in Canada, including speeches by Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun during a so-called Khalistan referendum. It was also revealed that Nijjar was on the US No Fly list, leading to questions about why Canada was providing a haven for designated terrorists and organized crime, as noted by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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