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Giving in to the pressure from the Sikh community in Canada, the Canadian government removed the reference to the Sikh religion from terror threat
In Canada, Muslim speaker Sanobar Umar accused the ‘Hindu Right’ of being in cahoots with American White Supremacists and then demanded Prime Minister Modi be sent to prison for abandoning his wife. 
Japan authorities have requested the Piyush Goyal-led Railway Ministry to send a team of Mithila artists so that Japan can emulate the art form on its trains. 
Sirsa urged Sikh people and parliamentarians in Canada to initiate criminal proceedings against Amazon
This is the first time under the Trudeau government that the Khalistani extremism has been considered as a matter of 'concern'.
The Indo-Canadian Arts Council was also the organisation behind the Niagra Falls being decorated in Indian Tri-colour lights in honour of India's independence day this year.
The CRA has alleged that ISNA-Canada has directly donated $90,000 to Kashmiri terror groups and another $46,000 indirectly via other groups.
Tensions have been simmering between the two countries
His family has claimed that he faced severe mental issues
He was questioned by Canada's immigration authorities
India has forgotten Swami Vivekananda and we need him now more than ever
India will record the fastest growth of 200 percent over 10 years to become world’s fourth wealthiest country
Khalistanis are not just dissenters against the Indian states but terrorists fuelled by cross-border funds.   
Trudeau received lot of flak for extending an invitation to a convicted Khalistani terrorist
India's strong stand made Canada choose between terrorists and healthy relationships and Canada chose well
The Canadian government has admitted he should never have been invited and cancelled the invitation
Despite India's strong objection, Trudeau continues to flirt with Khalistanis
The Canadian PM seems to be getting differential treatment

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