Thursday, June 24, 2021



Indian Consulate in Toronto writes to Canada govt over anti-India curriculum being taught at schools, warns it will harm bilateral relations

Despite India raising strong objections, schools in Canada continue to teach anti-India content in schools on farmer protest issue

‘We have economic ties with China, they are good neighbours’: Pakistan PM Imran Khan when probed about Uyghur Muslims

“We have economic ties with China, China is our neighbor. They've been very good to us in our most difficult times", Khan said to CBC in an interview.

Canada: Mass grave of 215 children, some as young as 3 years old, discovered at a former Indigenous residential school site

A 2015 report documented horrific details of abuse, rape, malnutrition and other atrocities suffered by the students who attended the Residential Schools.

Watch: Pro-Palestine mob attacks Jewish man in Canada while chanting Allahu Akbar

A jewish girl who went tried to save the girl was also molested in Canada by pro-Palestine mob

Indian diaspora protests against West Bengal post-poll violence in UK, Canada, Australia and United States

"The State machinery is failing the people of West Bengal as the Hindus are subjected to killings, rapes, and exodus from their homeland," a protestor said.

Canadian businessman Bakshish Sidhu ‘shocked’ to learn he is ‘most wanted’ in the US since 2015 for laundering cash for drug cartels

Lawyer of Bakshish Sidhu said that his client learned of the charges of Hawala operations against him by the US DEA only a week ago

Canada: Liberal MP apologizes for getting caught naked during Zoom call, opposition MP says ‘in great shape, but control camera’

Lawmaker from Canada, left red-faced after showcasing himself naked on a Canadian Parliament Zoom conference call, has now apologized

‘This is Easter, you preening woke’: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau slammed for referring to the Christian festival as ‘long weekend’

Some users argued that the Canadian Prime Minister did not 'necessarily' avoid the mention of the word 'Easter' and that he would wish his countrymen about the same today.

Canada: Protesters opposing farm laws disrupt Holi celebrations in Edmonton, Khalistani flags spotted

Anti-farm laws protesters raising Khalistani slogans disrupt Holi celebrations by the Indian community in Alberta, Canada.

New Zealand snubs Australia to stand with China over WHO’s Covid-19 origin report

China is currently New Zealand's biggest trading partner with annual two-way trade of more than NZ$32 billion ($22.3 billion).

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