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‘Razakar chale gaye, Qasim Razvi ke wafadar reh gaye’: 8 things that BJP’s Hyderabad candidate against Owaisi said in interview, which PM Modi appealed everyone to watch

"As long as they do not leave India, the development of Muslims of India won't take place," she lashed out at Akbaruddin and Asaduddin Owaisi

On Sunday (7th April), Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged everyone to watch the 1.5-hour-long interview of Madhavi Latha, the BJP candidate who has been fielded against AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi from the Muslim-majority Hyderabad Lok Sabha constituency.

He said in a tweet, “Madhavi Latha Ji, your ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ episode is exceptional. You’ve made very solid points and also done so with logic and passion. My best wishes to you. I also urge everyone to watch the repeat telecast of this programme at 10 AM or 10 PM today. You all will find it very informative.”

A social worker by profession, Madhavi Latha has been tasked by the saffron party to take AIMIM head-on in its bastion of Hyderabad. Her interview with journalist Rajat Sharma in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ programme was first aired on India TV on Saturday (6th April).

At the very onset, the BJP candidate took the blessings of Kashi Visvesvaraya and Lord Shankara and promised to speak nothing but the truth during the programme.

When journalist Rajat Sharma inquired about her image of being ‘Lady Singham’ and ‘Lady Don’, Madhavi Latha emphasised that it is the need of the hour in Telanga politics. “It is necessary and I am proud of that,” she was heard saying.

She expressed contentment over her ‘tough image’, adding that it has instilled a sense of confidence in her supporters and their pursuit of truth.

100 Hindu houses now reduced to 5: Madhavi Latha

During the programme, Rajat Sharma showcased pictures of her childhood before the audience. Madhavi Latha became nostalgic and recounted how a flood in 1998 destroyed her old albums.

The BJP candidate informed that she was raised in an area, which falls under the Yakatpura Vidhan Sabha constituency in Old Hyderabad. She lamented that the impoverished condition of the area had not changed in the past 25 years.

“The area gets flooded like old times whenever there is rainfall. There are no proper schools and colleges,” she emphasised. Madhavi Latha also said that appeasement politics in the name of secularism has rendered the Muslims equally poor as the Hindus.

She informed that the communal riots in the area led to the exodus of Hindus from Yakatpura Vidhan Sabha constituency in Old Hyderabad. “Hindus pehela 100 the, aaj sirf 5 Hindu ghar hai (There were 100 Hindu houses before but now they are around 5 in the area),” she lamented.

On being asked by Rajat Sharma about the image of Hyderabad as a major metropolis, Madhavi Latha promptly responded, “The Hyderabad you know as IT hub is the capital city of Telangana. The Hyderabad I am talking about is the Parliamentary constituency of 7 Vidhan Sabha constituencies.”

BJP candidate rubbished claims of being anti-Muslim

During the 1.5-hour-long interview, Rajat Sharma quizzed the BJP candidate about her comments involving the Muslim community. He also read about comments by AIMIM, labelling her as ‘anti-Muslim.’

While dismissing such allegations, Madhavi Latha pointed out that she has been vocal about poor Muslim families sending their children to madrassas instead of regular schools.

“There are Maulanas who have threatened to break my legs when I went to visit these Islamic seminaries,” she informed. Despite threats of physical harm, the BJP candidate continued to strive for justice for Muslim women.

She has also spoken in support of the Triple Talaq law and pointed out how some Muslim women have been forced to bear several children against their wishes.

Mazhab ka naam lekar ya gaalat karte hain, Quran ya nahin kehte hai ki aapko Talaq, Talaq, Talaq ek saath kehna chahiye (They take the name of religion and commit atrocities. Quran does not permit a Muslim to give Talaq instantly),” she emphasied.

Madhavi Latha pointed out that all schemes of the Indian government cater to all sections of society, including Muslims and none have been barred from benefitting

Jabse aayi Madhavi Latha, tabse Asad bhai lapata

At about 27 minutes into the ‘AAP ki Adalat’ programme, Madhavi Latha was asked about the challenge of breaching the AIMIM bastion of Hyderabad. “If we get bogus votes like Owaisi, then, we will win for 4000 years at a stretch,” she said.

While asking Rajat Sharma to wait for the right time, the BJP candidate emphasised, “Dekhte rahein harakar rahungi (Keep watching. I will defeat Asaduddin Owaisi).”

Journalist Rajat Sharma pointed out how her supporters have been elated ever since her candidature was announced by the BJP from the Hyderabad Lok Sabha constituency.

Jabse aayi Madhavi Latha, tabse Azad Bhai lapata (Asaduddin Owaisi has been missing ever since Madhavi Latha came into the election fray),” he pointed out one of the election slogans.

Madhavi Latha speaks on Akbaruddin Owaisi

The BJP candidate did not mince words before attacking Akbaruddin Owaisi, the AIMIM leader infamous for making genocidal speech against the Hindu community.

Madhavi Latha pointed out the sacrifices made by Hindus to protect Hyderabad from the onslaught of Razakars belonging to AIMIM.

Vesa toh Akbaruddin ne 2-3 goliya khayi hai, par humara dada-pardada toh Hindustan ke top o ka samna kiya hai (Akbaruddin was shot 2-3 times. Our fathers and grandfathers in Hindustan had to brave cannon fire),” she said with a sense of pride.

Madhavi Latha promised, “Abhi Akbaruddin ka gad hilega (We will now shake the bastion of Akbaruddin Owaisi)”

‘Jinnah nahin jinnah ke baap nikal rahein idhaar’: Madhavi Latha slams AIMIM

At about halfway into the interview, the BJP candidate highlighted how AIMIM has been using the contentious issue of ‘beef’ to consolidate the Muslim vote bank.

She read out a newspaper cutting, wherein the party claimed that Muslims would not be able to eat beef if AIMIM is not voted to power. “Have you seen anyone write in their manifesto that you will not be allowed to eat chicken if you do not vote for us?” she mocked the Owaisi-led party.

Ek hi kaam hai – gumrah, gumrah, gumrah (AIMIM has only one job i.e. to mislead the people), Madhavi Latha stated. She also read out a fatwa, which said that Muslims must obey the rules of the land.

The BJP candidate pointed out that the cow is a scared animal for the Hindu community and its slaughter is illegal (in most States). She urged AIMIM to follow the Islamic fatwa and Quranic teachings and adhere to the laws and dietary restrictions of India.

Madhavi Latha also lashed out at AIMIM for brainwashing the Muslim community in the name of beef and the disputed Babri Masjid. “Jinnah nahin jinnah ke baap nikal rahein idhaar (They are turning out to be the father of Mohammed Ali Jinnah),” she added.

‘Mera muh toh nahin chup kara sakenge’: Madhavi Latha

During her interview on ‘Aap ki Adalat’, Madhavi Latha also junked claims about AIMIM being the B-team of the BJP. She pointed out how the Congress, BRS and the TDP in Telangana have been working in tandem with the Owaisi-led party.

“Like we take blessings at the Bhagya Lakshmi Mandir, they take blessings from AIMIM and Owaisi,” she informed. The BJP candidate made it crystal clear that no amount of intimidation can stop her from speaking the truth.

Mera muh toh nahin chup kara sakenge (They will not be able to shut me up),” she added.

On being asked by journalist Rajat Sharma about the need to speak on the affairs of the Muslim community, Madhavi Latha stated, “I am a citizen of this country. This gives me the right to interfere in the pain of any woman or citizen.”

BJP candidate slams Asaduddin Owaisi

She did not hold back from showing a mirror to AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi. “Uniform Civil Code mein bedroom kaha aagaya sahab (How did the discussion of bedroom come into picture on the topic of Uniform Civil Code), she said while reacting to his ill-informed comments on UCC.

On being told about Owaisi’s allegations that UCC will strip Muslims of their religious identity, Madhavi Latha responded, “Keval Asad ji ki pehchan nikal jayegi (Only the identity of Asaduddin Owaisi will be exposed).

She also reacted to his comments about making a hijab-wearing Muslim girl the Prime Minister of India. While attacking his patriarchal mindset, she said, “Pradhan Mantri banna ke baad bhi, aurat ka surat kisiko dekhna nahin chahiye (Even after a woman becomes Prime Minister, she is still not allowed to show her face/ uphold her identity).”

Madhavi Latha also slammed Owaisi for refraining to refer to the land of India as his ‘Maa.’ She lambasted him for sympathising with an ISIS terrorist and recently deceased gangster-politician Mukhtar Ansari.

The BJP candidate also spoke at length about the role of AIMIM and its Razakars in tormenting the Hindus before the liberation of Hyderabad.

Razakar chale gaye, Qasim Razvi ke wafadar reh gaye (Razakars have gone, but the loyalists of Qasim Razvi are left behind)…As long as they do not leave India, the development of Muslims of India won’t take place,” she said.

“They will not just lose in the Hyderabad Parliamentary constituency but wherever they contest elections in India. Hindus and Muslims will unite and defeat them,” Madhavi Latha underlined.

She also accused Asaduddin Owaisi and his brother of ignoring the plight of mosques in Hyderabad and remaining fixated on the disputed Babri Masjid, which was built atop a majestic Ram temple. “They broke a mosque, joined hands with builders and built apartments in Hyderabad,” Madhavi Latha continued.

What will he understand about Bharat Mata: Madhavi Latha on Rahul Gandhi

Towards the end of the interview, Madhavi Latha also spoke about Congress scion Rahul Gandhi and his recent comments about fighting Shakti. She said that she is an embodiment of Shakti for virtue of being a woman, who is ready to take him head-on.

“Rahul Gandhi said the right thing – the Hindu religion is an embodiment of Shakti and he wants to fight it. I am sitting right here. For the first time in his life, he has said one thing correctly,” she said.

“Even his grandmother Indira Gandhi was Shakti. One who could not understand his grandmother cannot understand other women in the country. What will he understand about Bharat Mata?” the BJP candidate added.

Madhavi Latha concluded by saying that both AIMIM and Congress target only Prime Minister Narendra Modi since he helped realise the historical claim of the Hindu community on the Ram Mandir.

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