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Madhavi Latha

ECI tags fake news peddler and hate monger Mohammed Zubair informing him about action taken against Latha: Questions that emerge and the problems with...

The District Election Officer of Hyderabad tagged Mohammed Zubair in its tweet informing him about action taken against Madhavi Latha.

BJP candidate Madhavi Latha faces hate in Hyderabad, opposition supporters question whether she is a man or a woman

Several videos of such hate campaigns are making rounds on social media in which the AIMIM leaders or Muslim leaders can be heard saying that they have doubts about whether Latha is a man or a woman.

News24 claims BJP leader Madhavi Latha sought reservation for all Muslims, ‘apologies’ and deletes post after the Hyderabad candidate declined making such remarks

News24 shared a post claiming that BJP’s Hyderabad candidate Madhavi Latha demanded reservations for all Muslims, deleted after called out for fake news

‘Rehan beef shop zindabad, keep slaughtering’: AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi’s controversial remarks sparks outrage

Asaduddin Owaisi courted controversy after he proclaimed "Rehan beef shop zindabad", a veritably polarising remarks during election campaign.

‘Razakar chale gaye, Qasim Razvi ke wafadar reh gaye’: 8 things that BJP’s Hyderabad candidate against Owaisi said in interview, which PM Modi appealed...

"As long as they do not leave India, the development of Muslims of India won't take place," she lashed out at Akbaruddin and Asaduddin Owaisi

Minor Muslim girls being sold to old Arab men to get food for family: Hyderabad BJP candidate Madhavi Latha makes alarming revelations

BJP leader Madhavi Latha divulged that Pasmanada Muslims live in an extremely poor economic condition in Hyderabad.

From social work to commitment to Hindu causes: Know about BJP candidate Madhavi Latha challenging Asaduddin Owaisi on his home turf in Hyderabad

Madhavi Latha has emerged as a vocal advocate for Hindu values and has actively engaged in discussions regarding cultural preservation and societal development.

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