Tuesday, May 30, 2023



Japan: Muslim migrant damages a Shinto shrine and threatens Japanese local not to pray there because ‘Allah is the only god’, arrested

A Muslim migrant identified as Mamadou Balde vandalised the Mizuoka Hachiman shrine in Japan

Anusuchit Jati Bachao Manch opposes reservation for Dalits converted to Islam and Christianity, presents petition to Ahmedabad collector

AJBM opposed reservation for Dalits who converted to Islam and Christianity in their petition.

‘Influenced by mosque, don’t want to convert, but want to pray’: Hindu girl living with ‘Muslim friend’ wants to offer namaz, claims threats from...

Uttarakhand High Court directed the local police station in charge to provide security to a Hindu woman wanting to offer namaz at Piran Kaliyar mosque in the state's Roorkee area.

‘6 years of Islamic study, and I became anti-Hindu, anti-nation’, ‘considered non-Muslims as Kafir’: Read real ‘Kerala story’ as narrated by Anagha Jaigopal, Vishali...

Anagha Jaigopal and Vishali Shetty described in detail the process of radicalisation, conversion to Islam, and how they were saved. They also put their views about the film The Kerala Story.

Florida Neo-Nazi who converted to Islam pleads guilty to killing two of his roommates for ‘insulting his faith’, to serve 45 years in prison:...

During interrogation, the accused said to the police that he was being teased by his roommates for his new religion. He also alleged that the victims were planning bombing attacks.

‘Muslims constitute 30% of male prisoners in Britain, Muslim gangs in prisons are forcing conversion and radicalisation’: Report 

The report adds that Qurans were left on the beds of the new prisoners and they were given the choice to either “convert or get hurt”. 

Mufti explains how to perform Istinja (cleaning anus after defecation) during Ramzan fast so that water does not enter stomach: fact check of the...

Some clerics believe that water can enter the stomach via the anus and this will invalidate Ramzan fasting, but others say it is not possible

Ram Navami violence is not sporadic: If one read RC Majumdar, one would know that history, leading up to 1947, is being repeated right...

Every year, Hindus come under attack when they take their religious processions out and this year was no different.

Plea in court says it is the constitutional right of every Muslim employee of govt to be sent on Haj deputation: Why the argument...

An advocate, Aamir Javed, has filed a plea in the High Court claiming that it is the "constitutional right" of every Muslim employee of the Central and State government to be sent on deployment to Jeddah during the Haj pilgrimage

Taliban shuts down women-run radio station for playing music during Ramzan in Afghanistan

Listening to music, during Ramzan or otherwise, is considered haram (prohibited) in Islam.

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