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Better to inaugurate weapon factory of terrorists instead of inaugurating temple or church: Old video of Islamic hate preacher Zakir Naik surfaces on social...

Zakir Naik said that there is no bigger sin than to associate one-self with non-Muslim religious places and called it shirk.

Kanpur: Faiz Malik poses as Ankit Thakur to befriend a minor Hindu girl; rapes her, attempts to kill her after she refuses to convert...

A man named Faiz Malik posed as Ankit Thakur to befriend a Hindu minor girl. Faiz raped her and attempted to kill her after she resisted conversion.

Exclusive: PFI formed death squads to kill Hindus after they murdered RSS leader Rudresh, revelation made during Praveen Nettaru murder investigation by NIA

An inextricable link has emerged between the Rudresh murder of 2016 and the Praveen Nettaru murder of 2022 by PFI

Uttar Pradesh: Afaq seduces a Hindu woman in the name of a job and marriage, forces her to embrace Islam, abandons her after the...

Afaq told the victim to abort their baby and impregnated her again. However, he then left her to marry a second woman.

Love Jihad in Gwalior: Married Sabir Khan blackmailed a Hindu girl, abducted and held hostage for 3 years, rapes and forced fed beef, pressurised...

In Love Jihad case in Gwalior, the accused Sabir Khan physically and sexually harassed the victim and did unnatural acts, during her captivity. It is further alleged that he forced her to eat beef and pressured her to convert to Islam. 

‘Convert to Islam and marry me, your life will be sorted’: Alfez Khan befriends Hindu girl in college in Indore, threatens to kill her...

Love Jihad case accused Alfez Khan proposed to the girl a month ago and made her agree to his marriage proposal. However, he later stated that he would marry her only on the condition that she converted to Islam. When the girl declined to convert to Islam, Alfez threatened to kill her. 

Islam forbids organ donation, but allows receiving: As a Pakistani girl receives a heart transplant in India, Indians have many questions

The money was arranged by Aishwaryam Trust and the Pakistani girl's family didn't have to pay any thing for the operation.

‘Duniya Main Rahenge Toh Ghaziyon Ki Tarah’: Read what Ghazi means in Islamic texts. Is Asaduddin Owaisi asking Muslims to kill infidels?

A Ghazi in Islam means someone who fights in jihad for the sake of Islam and its teachings. A Ghazi thus essentially means a Jihadi who is willing to fight against non-Muslims.

‘Do this in a hijab’: Christians outraged after Rihanna’s ‘sexy nun’ photoshoot for Interview, singer had earlier apologised to Muslims

Many users blasted Rihanna for making light of a sacred Christian religious garment and dared her to do the same with an Islamic attire.

SP leader Zaheer Salmani’s second wife, murdered allegedly over a property dispute by stepson, was a Hindu who converted to Islam post-marriage: Reports

A day after the SP leader Zaheer Salmani's second wife was murdered by some 'unknown' miscreants, it has come to the fore that the now deceased second wife of the SP leader was a Hindu who converted to Islam

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