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Rohingyas being smuggled into India through tunnels by gang operating from Tripura: Report

The Indian government has declared Rohingyas illegal immigrants and a threat to the country's national security.

Nepal: Hindu organisations say infiltrators hatched a conspiracy to grab land of an ancient temple, first built a slum and set it on fire,...

Following the fire incident, all Muslims started saying in unison that their identification documents and government papers were burnt in the fire. 

Muslim portal ‘Maktoob Media’ tear-jerks about Rohingya illegals in India, bats for their citizenship even as they persecute Hindus, pose national security threat: Details

Maktoob Media, a website which focuses on creating a false narrative of Muslim victimhood on the 24th of May shared a video where they spoke to illegal Rohingya Muslims living in India.

Meghalaya: NCPCR chief says Rohingya infiltrators kidnap girls and commit sexual violence, 9th accused arrested in Chenga Benga gang rape case

NCPCR chairperson in an X post said that the Rohingya infiltrators are sexually assaulting girls in Meghalaya. The police have arrested 9 accused so far in the Chenga Benga gang rape case.

‘CAA will affect Indian Muslims because Hindu refugees will get voting rights’: Indira Jaising’s argument in SC, after spending years advocating for Rohingyas

Jaising indicated that no citizenship should be granted under the law as that will affect the minority communities. On asking how would providing citizenship under the law affect minority communities in India, Jaising said, "Because they (Hindus arriving from nearby Islamic countries) will get voting rights..that is how it will affect them (Muslims)."

‘Audacity of these Pakistanis’: After proposing flats for Rohingyas, Arvind Kejriwal wants to jail persecuted minorities from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh for supporting CAA

It is worth noting that Kejriwal has been calling the persecuted minorities from the three Islamic nations as "Pakistanis" in an attempt to establish a narrative against the oppressed Hindus, implying that these refugees are from an 'enemy nation'.

‘Kejriwal is out of control because his corruption got exposed, he never spoke against illegal Rohingyas’: HM Amit Shah on Delhi CM’s lies on...

In an interview with ANI, Amit Shah said, "The Delhi Chief Minister has lost his temper after his party's alleged corruption got exposed."

Mira Road, Mumbai: 8 illegal Rohingya Muslims, speaking fluent Hindi and claiming to have family in J&K, arrested from coastal area of Uttan

On 29th February, Mira Bhayandar Police arrested 8 illegal Rohingya immigrants from the coastal area of Uttan near Bhayandar.

NIA nabs Shahbuddin and two others in Tamil Nadu human trafficking case, illegal Rohingyas in India using Aadhar cards of dead people

According to a Dainik Bhaskar report, during the interrogation by the probe agencies, these three accused revealed that they used the documents of deceased Indian citizens to provide Rohingya Muslims with Indian identities.

3 Rohingya men sentenced to 10 years in jail for trafficking and raping 2 Rohingya women – FIR, case and links to Advocate Tahir...

Three Rohingya men sentenced to ten years in jail for trafficking and raping two Rohingya women in Haryana

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