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Canadian Cancer Society calls cervix ‘the front hole’ so that trans people don’t get offended by their cervical cancer awareness page for LGBTQ

"You may prefer other words, such as "front hole". We recognize the limitations of the words we have used while also acknowledging the need for simplicity. Another reason we use words like 'cervix' is to normalize that men can have these body parts too", the note to LGBTQ people read.

Gender identity politics has been reaching ridiculous and often outrageous levels in the West. While women in the UK are facing hatred and abuse for demanding something as basic as female-only bathrooms, in Canada, medical professionals are bending over backward to accommodate unscientific, outrageous ideas to appease the LGBTQ community.

The Canadian Cancer Society has added an apologetic explainer for having to use the word ‘cervix’ in an awareness page about cervical cancer. As if the mere existence of women’s body parts is offensive to the so-called trans community, the Canadian Cancer Society has appealed to trans people not to get offended by the term ‘cervix’.

screenshot from archived version of the page,

The cervical cancer awareness page with the headline ‘As a trans man or non-binary person assigned female at birth, do I need to get screened for cervical cancer?” attempts to explain, very politely, that even though trans men call themselves men, they are actually women. Same for non-binary people who were assigned ‘female at birth’.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa had called out the Canadian Cancer Society for the offensive page in an article for True North.

The page reminds them that cervical cancer can still happen to them, as if that needed explaining.

The Human Papilloma Virus or HPV, or any cancerous cell for that matter, doesn’t care much about gender identity politics because in nature, biological sex is real. Humans are either male or female no matter how many gay pride flags they fly or how they ‘identify’ themselves as.

But the Canadian Cancer Society is so terrified to lay down simple biological facts that they add a footnote for the transpeople, apologising for the term ‘cervix’ used on the page.

SS from archived page of Canadian Cancer Society

The footnote under the title ‘words matter’, reads, “We recognize that many trans men and non-binary people may have mixed feelings about or feel distanced from words like ‘cervix’. You may prefer other words, such as “front hole”. We recognize the limitations of the words we have used while also acknowledging the need for simplicity. Another reason we use words like ‘cervix’ is to normalize that men can have these body parts too.”

So basically, The Canadian Cancer Society, an organisation dedicated to a biological reality called cancer, is pretending to be totally blind to the fundamental biological reality of gender dimorphism. Human males and human females are biologically different in their sex organs. Cervix is a part of female reproductive system and can get cancer. However, the Canadian Cancer Society is pampering the deranged notions that some people can just pretend not to be male or female and can go about thinking that gender-specific body parts exist as per their fantasy.

Page updated after outrage and condemnation?

Interestingly, the specific page reported here seems to have been changed and updated by the Canadian Cancer Society after some publications reported about the ‘front hole’ terminology. Cosmin Dzsurdzsa’s report caused a stir on Canadian social media and a lot of people slammed the Cancer Society for the outrageous page denigrating women by using terms like ‘front hole’.

The current page does not have the apologetic words or the footnote. It just tells that because trans women and non-binary persons assigned male at birth do not have a cervix, they do not need to get screened for cervical cancer.

Healthcare organisations denying the existence of women to appease LGBTQ politics

2 days ago, Ovarian Cancer Action, a UK-based organisation dedicated to awareness and research funding into ovarian cancer, claimed in a social media post that anyone with ovaries, regardless of the gender assigned at birth, can have ovarian cancer. Well, people with ovaries are called women.

Another problematic aspect of gender identity politics is the total denial and rejection of women’s rights and dignity. The term ‘Cervix’ is apparently offensive for trans people. The idea itself is an abhorrent manifestation of patriarchy that has for centuries denied the existence and rights of women.

Before this, some NHS hospitals in the UK were criticized for using terms like ‘chestfeeding’ instead of breastfeeding. One trust even went a step further and claimed that chemical secretion induced from the fake breasts of biological males calling themselves transwomen is the same as mother’s milk.

No, men do not have a cervix. Men have male body parts. Women have a cervix and are at risk of cervical cancer, just as men have the risk of prostate cancer. Trans politics can not change biological facts.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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