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‘How dare you pass in front of us in a car’: Zubair and his accomplices assault a Dalit girl, her husband, and even her parents in Nuh, hurl casteist abuses

Archana described her village as Muslim-dominated, stating that about 90% of the population belongs to the Muslim community, which holds dominance.

A case of atrocities against the Dalit community has come to light in a village in Mewat, Haryana. It is alleged that Zubair, Ansar, Imtiyaz, Kamil, Jabir, and Shakil along with their accomplices brutally assaulted a Dalit couple. It is further alleged that they hurled casteist abuses and also robbed the couple. The incident took place on Sunday (16th June 2024). Speaking with OpIndia, the victim stated that following the incident, her husband is in depression. However, the SHO of the local Bichhor police station stated that they had no information about this case.

The case pertains to the Bichhor police station area of Nuh. Archana Sagar filed a police complaint on Sunday. In her complaint, Archana stated that on 16th June, she was coming to her parent’s house in Jharokadi village from her in-laws’ residence. She was accompanied by her husband Parveen Rai. As soon as they reached near the badi masjid in the village, Zubair, Ansar, Imtiyaz, Kamil, Jabir, and Shakil stopped their car. Three other unknown persons were also reportedly with them. Later, they pulled Archana out of the car. The assailants also started assaulting and kicking Archana’s husband Parveen.

The complaint further states that shortly thereafter, the accused tore Archana’s clothes. The victim called her father, Dalchand, for help. At that time, the accused gathered and assaulted the girl’s father. By then, the number of attackers had reached around 20. Seeing the family being beaten, Archana’s brother also arrived to intervene, and he too was beaten. It is alleged that during this time, the attackers pulled Archana’s mangalsutra and ring along with the gold chain from her husband’s neck.

The victim stated that during the assault, the perpetrators hurled abuses and casteist slurs at her. The attackers said, “You Cha**o, how dare you sit in the car and pass in front of us? Cha**o, do whatever you are capable of!” The victim’s family dialed 112 to call the police for help. Seeing the police arrive, the accused fled from there. The victim has demanded strict action against all the attackers in her complaint. OpIndia has a copy of the complaint.

A collision between a car and a bike leads to an argument

OpIndia spoke with the victim Archana. Archana told us that she got married in May 2024. She was visiting her parent’s house for the first time with her husband. On the way, a bike belonging to a young man from the Muslim community collided with her car on a narrow road in the village. However, neither side suffered any significant damage, and they continued on their respective paths. Archana claims that this incident led to the assault on her and her husband.

She also told us that because of the assault, her husband is in depression. The married couple sustained injuries for which they are undergoing treatment.

‘We belong to the SC (Scheduled Caste) community, they did not like us traveling by car’

Archana described her village as Muslim-dominated, stating that about 90% of the population belongs to the Muslim community, which holds dominance. Archana, an M.Sc. graduate, mentioned that they belong to the Dalit community, which she attributes as the main reason for the resentment of Muslims towards them. The victim stated that the majority of Muslims in the village disapprove of people from the Scheduled Caste community traveling by car and pursuing higher education.

I am being asked to compromise

The victim stated that on Monday (17th June), police visited their village. She alleged that during this time, none of her grievances were heard, and the police took the side of the accused. According to Archana, the police officers who came to the village dismissed it as a minor altercation and asked her to compromise.

The attackers fled after getting a signal

A video of the girl’s father Dalchand is with OpIndia. In this video, he alleges that some villagers helped the attackers as they gave them a signal to flee from there. He mentioned that not only his daughter and son-in-law but the attackers also beat him, his wife, and the entire family. Dalchand’s wife was being dragged away by the accused. Somehow, she managed to free herself. The victim’s family has requested the police to file a case and take action against the accused.

Police don’t know anything

OpIndia contacted the SHO of Bichhor police station regarding this incident. When asked about the incident, he said, “I don’t know, brother.” When we tried to contact the Additional SP of Nuh for information about this incident, he did not answer the phone. Once an official version of the incident comes from the police, it will be updated in the news.

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