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Festivals change, places change, what remains same is Hindu celebrations being attacked by Islamists and ‘secular-liberals’ whitewashing it with crafty excuses

Durga Puja pandals and Visarjan processions have been attacked multiple times in various Indian states. Just because they do not happen in Delhi, they have been swept away from the news cycle soon, without the national media discussing it in loud debates.

‘Attack on Hindus is their own fault, they should not exist in Muslim areas’: This is how Liberals justify violence

However, apparently, the fault lies with the Hindus, because how dare they take out a procession and play songs for their festivals? For India's 'secular liberals', Hindus should be always accommodating, docile, subversive and never dare to exist in what they deem as 'Muslim areas'.

Halal certification is purely religious: Where does it stop and why is the Govt of India even allowing it

There are already existing government-specified norms, quality parameters and regulatory requirements that companies have to meet to get their products certified fit to be marketed. So why is this parallel system of 'certifying' them for one particular community is even continuing?

Women in the Indian movie and entertainment industry: Still caged inside toxic stereotypes

We are in 2022, but our TV serials still show that the illiterate, cowering, demure, never arguing, dumb bahu is the good bahu and the good daughter, but the educated, smart, assertive, confident woman is the villain, whose only goal in life is to scheme and try to steal the husbands of all the good bahus.

Worshipping climate saints like Greta Thunberg has made many NATO countries the slaves of Russian energy exports

While big sanctions and big statements of condemnation were announced by leaders in Europe and USA against Russia, they have made sure that Russian oil and gas continues to flow into their countries.

Understanding the ‘Item Number’ Rahul Gandhi did in Parliament: More than ideology, its petty ego, the Gandhi family hubris

It was a gimmick to grab headlines. The latkas and jhatkas of the item number did attract a lot of whistles, as we can see in the media and social media today, but it was not directed at the BJP. The targets were other people.

The siege of Leningrad: When Russian scientists starved themselves to death to preserve the future of the world, in a seed bank

Nine botanists from the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry, the world's largest seed bank at that time, had starved themselves to death while trying to preserve their collection from Nazi forces that surrounded Leningrad.

Video from Flipkart, music from ‘Pushpa’, photos from Bangladesh: Congress running out of luck, power and content

One of the favourite activities of Congress leaders is to find photos from Bangladesh and claim that it is poverty and suffering caused by the Modi government in India.

I am Neha Bazdan, not a Harvard professor but this is how I am a victim

I have also asked questions when the Centre decided to change the default temperature setting on ACs. That is what a journalist is supposed to do, they had told me when I joined MDTV. Nobody said anything about applying a little brain before asking questions.

Understanding the mindset that can’t hide the glee even at your own armed forces chief passing away

The armed forces protect and guard the very same boundaries that these entities want to make obsolete. Hence, the patriotic, steadfast, strong Indian soldier is their nemesis.

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