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How demonetisation was wrongly blamed for some unfortunate deaths

Huffington Post India wrote a highly misleading article linking deaths to demonetisation drive.

Ravish Kumar hides a trader’s Congress affiliation in a bid to attack Demonetisation

Is this why Ravish Kumar hates social media?

When media and media persons started a rumour: Indelible ink for withdrawals

Journalism means never having to say you're sorry
Raghav Bhal

Raghav Bahl and the depressing jugaad of Indian journalism

A leading media entrepreneur writes a horribly absurd article on demonetisation.

The Government has a lot to answer on why NDTV India ban was suddenly put “on hold”

NDTV India ban "on hold", Government ties itself in knots

Exclusive: The exact reason why I&B Ministry recommended a token ban on NDTV India

Revealed: The content on NDTV India which violated norms

Ravish Kumar gets a dark screen- NDTV India to be shut down for 1 day, read why

NDTV India indicted in a case of threatening national security

Arnab Goswami quits Times Now, why it happened & what is he going to do next?

Take it with a pinch of salt. Some kite-flying on what Arnab can do next.

How a social media user has forced NDTV into apologising for their “error”

David has just struck the first blow on the Goliath media

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