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Columnist at Shekhar Gupta’s website who wanted Modi assassinated, deletes tweet

Not the first time a 'liberal' columnist has wished death upon the Prime Minister.

The one where some Muslims in India bat for Sharia over Indian Constitution

Shehla Rashid's secular credentials are questioned by some Muslims on Facebook.

Bigoted user mocked for display of Hinduphobia on Twitter

Twitter users were not happy with the obnoxious Hinduphobia.

Social Media head of Congress criticized for cheap comment on PM Modi

Is this next 'neech' moment for Congress?

Read why BJP’s Facebook ratings have crashed to just 1.1

Many users appeared to be supporters of TDP, BJP's ally in Andhra Pradesh.

Has ‘feminism’ gone too far ? Misguided ‘feminist’ says dog sperm is enough to reproduce

The world is waiting for the its next miracle. A baby born using a dog's sperm. 

This new and improved script of Padmaavat should put a smile on the liberal, pseudo-feminist face

Twitter user Pratyasha Rath has a brilliant offer for modern-day feminists: a new version of Padmaavat
Saba Naqvi, Outlook

Journalist uses rape analogy for Bhansali inviting Karni Sena to watch Padmavat, gets flak

She compared violence by Karni Sena to a woman getting raped.

Foes turn friends? Mamata remembers birth anniversary of Balasaheb Thackeray

'Somewhere up there, someone just dropped his pipe'

How a tweet from a parody account was attributed to former SC Judge Katju

A satirical tweet by a parody account was propagated as Justice Katju's statement

Jonty Rhodes loves India and the feeling is mutual

His posts on India, his daughter and country, both, are adorable.

Rahul Gandhi goofs up while wishing our jawans on Army Day

LiveFist has rectified not just politicians, but even news agencies

Congress downplays Israeli PM Netanyahu’s India visit by putting out a juvenile and offensive video

Congress' reaction is immature and unbecoming of a worthy opposition.

Himanta Biswa Sarma fulfils a promise made on Twitter to the girl students of Assam

This will benefit the meritorious girls of the state

Pakistani leader’s daughter exposes how Pak Army ‘tutors’ youth on Kashmir

Her mother is a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan from Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

NDTV had one job to do, and they got that wrong too

They only had to give a good headline, but see what they did

Read why West Bengal Police’s ‘promoted’ tweet has everyone in splits

Seems like the police station has perfected the art of finding stolen phones.

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