Topic: 2014 Lok Sabha Elections

The BJP had won 32 seats from these 91 constituencies, the TDP had won 16, YSRC had won 9, the TRS had won 11 and the Congress had won 7.
Ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha, the Congress party on Tuesday has revealed their election manifesto titled "Congress Will Deliver" to fight the incumbent NDA government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Before 2014 elections, Sonia Gandhi had appealed Muslim leaders to ensure that Muslim votes don't get split
Doordarshan anchor and journalist Ashok Shrivastav has revealed many shocking details in his book ‘Narendra Modi Censored’.
Modi is without doubt the best PM we have had, but it is also why we don't deserve him
Earlier, too, Shanti Bhushan had accused Kejriwal of abandoning all principles the party was formed on.
After joining JD(U), Prashant Kishor was made national vice president within a month
More than anything else, it is karma vs laziness in 2019 in Uttar Pradesh.
AAP leader Gul Panag hints that Kejriwal knew he was courting the Khalistan separatists in 2014 elections
Report revealed Chidambaram was in great hurry to help Mehul Choksi import gold
4 seats of Lok Sabha have gone to bypolls since 2014 election and this year will see 4 more bypolls.
Gandhi scion's habit of laughing at inappropriate moments
A purely fictional tale about the powers that may be
Right has some inherent handicaps in battle against the left, but nothing was done to overcome those.
Rahul seems to have 'improved' only in the Media's loving eyes
Let us hope that history doesn't repeat itself
There could be some disappointment with the government, but we need to avert a tragedy.
Less than two years are remaining but opposition strategies are already in place to repeat 2004
The Congress party is now taking refuge in foreign experts
Taking lessons from its bitter 2014 defeat, the Left has invested lots of resources into building an online fortresses.
Modi haters and supporters both discuss 2014 elections intensely, but perhaps Modi doesn’t care.
An Adarsh Liberal laments the state of affairs in India under Modi.
After one year of Modi in power, let us revisit some of the enlightening opinions shared by his rivals before he won.
It was just another year, it was just another elections, but the "liberals" lost their marbles, because things didn't turn out the way they wanted.

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