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The Guardian removes Osama Bin Laden’s ‘Letter to America’ after 21 years: Blatant Islamic justification for terrorism withdrawn only after TikTokers made it viral

Osama Bin Laden, in his letter, explained why Al Qaeda executed the attacks of 9/11 and why they have waged Jihad against America. In a notification, 'The Guardian' informed about the removal of this letter.

Anti-Hindu professor Chris Allen, appointed to conduct ‘independent inquiry’ into Leicester violence, steps down after Hindu organisations protest

Chris Allen, 52, is an associate professor at the University of Leicester. He is an expert on 'Islamophobia, hate, and extremism,' according to his Twitter profile (which has now been deleted).

Anti-Hindu Professor Chris Allen, entrusted with ‘independent inquiry’ into the Leicester attack, had called the 9/11 terror attack a ‘set up’

Islamists have been trying to mainstream the conspiracy theory that the 9/11 attack was an 'inside job', meant to defame the Muslim community.

As Muslim mobs attack Hindus, The Wire’s jihad apologist shames victims, asks Hindus to behave like virtuous Muslims after the 9/11 terror attack

Arfa Khanum has skilfully sought to pin the whole blame for the violence on Hindus while rejecting the role of Muslims.

‘World was in darkness, Islam brought the light, 9/11 was Osama’s great achievement’: UPSC coach instructing students in class

After Vision IAS, videos of IQRA IAS's faculty teaching about Islam and its benefits went viral on social media.

USA: Al-Qaeda terrorist who wanted to participate in 9/11 attacks released for psychiatric treatment, Biden administration dropped legal challenge

The prisoner named al-Qahtani was trained by Islamist terror outfit Al-Qaeda and had tried to enter the United States unsuccessfully on August 4, 2001, to participate in the deadly 9/11 attacks.

Biden to split $7 billion frozen Afghan assets between compensation for 9/11 victims and ‘humanitarian aid’ for Afghanistan

The Taliban has repeatedly requested the release of Afghan assets blocked in the US following their takeover of the nation.

India calls for recognition of hatred against Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs at the United Nations: Details of ambassador Tirumurti’s statement

In his statement, TS Tirumurti pointed out how phobias against three Abrahamic religions, namely, Islam, Christianity and Judaism was recognised by the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy but the emergence of religiophobia against Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs is not being fully recognised.

Did you know? Osama bin Laden may have gotten the name ‘Al-Qaeda’ from Isaac Asimov’s pathbreaking Sci-Fi saga ‘Foundation’

Scientist Dmitri Gusev argued that Osama bin Laden not only borrowed the name of the book 'Foundation' but the plot of the classic as well.

Watch: US President Joe Biden booed during visit to 9/11 memorial, shamed publicly for Afghanistan crisis

Although Biden showed up at all the memorial sites including the Pentagon memorial in Washington and the memorial in Shanksville in Pennsylvania, he did not speak on any of the occasions.

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