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This is not the first time celebrities have been trolled by fundamentalists on social media.
This is not the first time fundamentalists have attacked celebrities
Annual Round Up of the biggest lies propagated by Indian media in the year 2016.
NDTV helps an abusive troll masquerading as a journalist further her blatant lies.
A 'Liberal from New Delhi' writes why he is unhappy with Dangal. Satire, or maybe not.
How ‘liberals’ miss nuances of a character in a hurry to prove their liberalism.
The ‘Boycott Dangal’ has failed as some in the RW decided to back out. What next?
Top lies spread by the mainstream media in the month of April 2016.
Did the national media take the entire country for a ride based on a WhatsApp message?
Public discourse in India might have seen a watershed moment thanks to these apparent silly movements
A movie critical of Congress was almost killed by the UPA government appointed Censor Board chief. The post has always indulged in such irrational censoring while our liberals have looked the other way.
Theaters are being attacked by alleged Bajrang Dal and VHP activists. Is it a genuine case of protest or is there something more to it?
Protesting against a Bollywood movie is the last thing one may do when the Hindu community is up against so many challenges.

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