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Farmers’ income increased 1.5 to 2 times between the financial years 2018-2022: Here is what the latest SBI research says

In Karnataka, the average annual income of cotton farmers doubled from ₹2.67 lakhs to ₹5.63 lakhs in last 5 years.

No compensation for families of farmers who lost their lives in protests: Centre tells Lok Sabha

Government of India has made it clear that it will not compensate for the death of protesters in farmer protests

Protesting farmer unions reject union government’s proposal to suspend implementation of farm laws for 1-1.5 years

The decision was taken in a meeting of the protesting farmer unions today, saying that they only want the repeal of the laws.

Punjab farmers form a major chunk of ineligible recipients payout under PM KISAN scheme, RTI reveals

About 23 per cent of the total undeserving beneficiaries of the PM KISAN scheme belonged to Punjab

Delhi: Punjab farmers’ road blockade disrupts supply chain, traders body claim Rs 27,000 crore losses incurred

The supply of goods to and from Delhi has been 'greatly affected' due to the ongoing farmers protest

Ghaziabad: Thousands of farmers arrive in hundreds of tractors to show support to new farm laws

Thousands of farmers, with over 300 tractors have been trying to come to Delhi to support the new farm laws. They were stopped and only a 5-member delegation was allowed to meet the Agriculture Minister.

Farmer leaders to consider government proposal today after the 6th round of talks were cancelled due to their refusal to participate

The government has agreed to make specific amendments to the farm laws but many farmer leaders are adamant that the laws should be repealed altogether.

No politicians, farmers only: Centre bars Yogendra Yadav from being a part of farmers’ delegation for the discussions

Yogendra Yadav, a political activist and self-proclaimed psephologist, had wanted to be a part of the discussion but the government objected to his presence.

The bills will bring a revolutionary change in farmers’ life: Minister of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare, Narendra Singh Tomar

"MSP is not going anywhere, new farm laws will remove middlemen from the process," says Narendra Singh Tomar.

After essential medical supplies, Pakistan to make exception in trade ban to import insecticides from India to fight locust outbreak

Pakistan may make a one-time exemption in its trade ban with India to import insecticides that can help fight the locust infestation

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