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According to the police, he introduced himself as an Indian passenger when he headed for his immigration clearance after arriving at the airport.
On 8th May 2019, a short video clip went viral on Social Media where a man was seen taking a selfie with actress Swara Bhaskar at the airport. In the clip, while taking a selfie, the man says to Swara Bhaskar, 'par ma'am aayega to Modi hi'.
PM Narendra Modi inaugurated several development projects in three states in North East region on February 9
Sinha will now be subjected to regular security checks and frisking at the Patna Airport
Sophia had raised slogans inside a Chennai-Tuticorin flight in which Tamilsai Soundararajan was incidentally traveling.
On 12th October, a Trichy-Dubai flight hit a wall while taking off, pilots didn't realise the damage for good two hours
Not all operational airports have flights scheduled for arrivals and departure
While inaugurating Sikkim's first airport, the PM reiterated his commitment that the Northeast will be the engine in India's growth story.
The Civil Aviation Policy implemented by the government in 2016 has given a major boost to the airline industry.
The newly built Pakyong airport is situated very close to Indo-China border and has huge strategic importance
How the event unfolds politically, remains to be seen.
The renaming of the public places is being carried out to revive the ancient history associated with the places.
Indian government does not interfere in the internal politics of another country.
Next time you fly out, grab a window seat and watch these amazing aerodynamics
The hacks and compromised academicians would take recourse to five issues to revile the man
Sikkim's Pakyong airport will start flight operations from this June
The news agency terminated the services of the photographer who sent them fake image of Ahmedabad airport.
This would be a welcome news for many Delhi based or Delhi bound travellers
Eligible Indian travelers won't have to stand in long queues to get themselves approved by an immigration officer.
A differently abled person speaks about his experience
Why is it taking so long to remove the name of Robert Vadra from the no-frisking lists at airports

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