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Pro-Hamas ‘journalist’ from Gaza, who mocked murder of Israeli children and was endorsed by Mohammed Zubair, killed in air strike

In a bid to shield Hamas, Refaat Al-Areer was seen claiming that Israel supposedly killed its own civilians to 'implicate' the Islamic terror outfit.

‘Building intact, no crater, damage visible only in a parking lot’: IDF says Hamas blamed Israel despite knowing Gaza hospital was hit by Islamic...

Several community notes on Twitter had highlighted that footage captured during Al Jazeera reporting from that area caught a rocket misfire in Gaza at around 18:59 (local time) and after a few seconds the explosion in the Al-Ahli al-Arabi Hospital in Gaza was seen.

Israeli Air Force eliminates Hamas terrorist Ali Qadi, who led the killing of Israeli civilians, IDF releases video footage

Ali Qadi was apprehended after the abduction and murder of several Israeli citizens in 2005 but was released to the Gaza Strip in 2011

2 days after Naftali Bennet became new Israeli PM, IDF bombs Gaza in response to arson balloons

The airstrikes targeted facilities used by Hamas terrorists for meetings to plan attacks, the Israel Defence Forces have said.

Indians express solidarity with Israel as over 200 rockets fired into Israel after airstrike killed Islamic Jihad leader

An Israeli airstrike killing Islamic Jihad leader Bahaa Abu el-Atta prompted a series of rocket attacks on Israel by the terrorists based out in Gaza

Al-Qaeda India chief Asim Omar killed in Afghanistan in a joint US-Afghan operation

India-born head of Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) was killed along with six other Al-Qaeda members

Indian Express gives space to Dawood Ibrahim’s relative to give sermons on ‘peace’ between India and Pakistan

On 7th March 2019, Indian Express published an article where they allowed Javed Miandad, Dawood Ibrahim's relative to pontificate to India about 'peace'.

Will the real ‘poster boy of Pakistan’ please stand up

It's truly bothersome that India now has double responsibilities, as it has to fight with enemies outside the country as well as the enemies within

Pakistan continues ceasefire violation, targets Army posts and civilian areas with heavy artillery

While our very own left-cabals are busy hailing 'Taliban Khan' for his so-called 'peace gesture', his army is busy targeting civilian areas with heavy artillery.

Pakistan’s FM uses Congress’ rants to discredit government of India and the Indian Army, yet again

Referring to Congress's refusal to accept the authenticity of strikes, Qureshi said, Congress is now questioning the claims of the government today. Congress is asking for the proofs of attacks on terrorist camps and the government does not have an answer.

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