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Uttar Pradesh: Unauthorised sale of masjid in Aligarh triggers probe, read details

The mosque in question was constructed four years ago by Aslam on his land using donation money.

Uttar Pradesh: 7-year-old Dalit girl in a critical condition after rape by one Talib, accused arrested

Talib was arrested by Uttar Pradesh police for raping a 7-year-old Dalit girl in Aligarh on Wednesday.

Aligarh: Hindu families looking to leave the area after Muslim youth harass Dalit girls, a victim’s father beaten up with chains: Report

Many residences in this area of Aligarh have 'Ghar Bikau Hai' (This House is for sale) posters outside their homes.

UP: Aligarh family writes to CM Yogi Adityanath seeking permission for euthanasia after being constantly harassed by miscreants

Rajkumari Sharma of Aligarh has written to CM Yogi Adityanath, seeking permission for euthanasia for the whole family.

Uttar Pradesh: Coaching centres in Aligarh pull their shutters down after facing scrutiny for their role in Agnipath protests, 11 operators arrested

All coaching centres in Tappal town in Aligarh district pulled their shutters down as police probe their role in Agnipath protests

Uttar Pradesh: Jama Masjid in Aligarh made on ‘public property’ reveals RTI, BJP leader demands demolition

The issue surfaced after RTI activist Keshav Dev Sharma filed an RTI with the Municipal Corporation of Aligarh about Jama Masjid. In response, the Municipal Corporation stated that the 300-year-old Jama Masjid in Upperkot was built on public property.

Demand to administration to run bulldozers on illegal Mazars and dargahs: Hindu organizations in Aligarh make list, appeal to make law

In Aligarh of Uttar Pradesh, Hindus have appealed to the administration to remove illegal mazars and dargahs

Aligarh: Muslim students claim they were barred entry into college for wearing hijab, administration says rule in existence for over 15 years

"If a student comes dressed in burqa and hijab from home, they are required to remove the attire after entering the college premises," Beena Upadhyay told Opindia.

Viral video: AIMIM leader seen asking Muslims to have more children, saying ‘that is how we grab power’

"Unless we have more children how will we grab power? How will Owaisi sahib become Prime Minister? How will Shaukat saab become Chief Minister", the AIMIM leader was seen telling

Aligarh: Here is what PM Modi said at the inauguration of Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh State University

“There was a time when UP was infamous for its gunda-raj, mafia-raj and free run of gangsters, but under the Yogi government, all this has come to a stop," said PM Modi in praise of Yogi government.

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