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PTI tweets video claiming ANI beat reporter assaulted their reporter, sources claim ANI reporter was assaulted first, matter escalated later: What we know

PTI tweeted a video claiming that while at a press conference in Karnakata, ANI journalist physically assaulted female reporter.

‘Not safe, helpless’: ANI journalist on viral video of neighbours assaulting her parents over parking dispute in Delhi’s Sant Nagar area

ANI Kaushiki on July 27 acknowledged that the viral video of a couple being thrashed over parking dispute were her parents.

‘EU DisinfoLab’s consistent attacks suggest an agenda and someone else’s talking points’: ANI trashes European NGO’s report

ANI denied allegations levelled by EU DisinfoLab in totality, alleging that their hit job speaks to agenda and someone else's talking points.

Top Air India brass aware of urination incident hours after flight, emails reveal

According to e-mails accessed by ANI, the Air India cabin crew supervisor had reportedly sent out emails on November 27 at around 1 pm to the head of the Inflight Service Department (IFSD), base operations in India, Lead HR head of IFSD, and head of the northern region of IFSD and of complaints (customer care), informing them about the incident. 

ANI Editor rubbishes viral claim of the same person acting as a customer during demonetisation and farmer supporting agriculture Bills

Congress social media co-ordinator Vinay Kumar Dokania in a tweet alleged that a farmer interviewed by ANI over farm bills was the same man who praised demonetisation and Digital India in 2016

The Wire journalist Rohini Singh attacks ANI for story broken by NDTV, hails NDTV after realising they did it first

A political turmoil was set off within the Congress party after NDTV reported that Rahul Gandhi has accused the dissenters of conspiring with the BJP. Later the statement was denied.

Media distorts speech of Mohan Bhagwat, says he asked to avoid the word ‘nationalism’ when actually he was quoting ‘intellectuals’

Mohan Bhagwat didn't ask to avoid the word nationalism as media reports, he was only quoting others

AAP MP Sanjay Singh exposes ignorance about symbolic protest, questions why protesting doctors have injury at the same place

AAP MP Sanjay Singh does not know doctors are wrapping symbolic bandages protesting against attacks on doctors in WB

Shiromani Akali Dal leader’s brother manhandles ANI journalist, cameramen

Sarna is amidst raging controversy for organising a farewell reception for outgoing Pakistan High Commissioner Sohail Mahmood

Congress IT cell head circulates clip by Kunal Kamra, Twitterati wonder if ‘neutral comedians’ are part of IT cell

Twitter users were amused that IT cell head of Congress forwarded YouTube link of a 'comedian' along with other campaign-related material

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