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animal slaughter

Delhi: One Azeem arrested for dumping severed head of buffalo near Hindu temple. Here is what happened

The Welcome police initiated a probe into the matter and found that two miscreants on a scooter dumped the buffalo's head near the temple.

Islamists and Leftists outrage about residents opposing potential animal slaughter on Eid inside Mira Road housing society, call them ‘uncivilised’: How it’s illegal

Residents of housing society in Mira Road, Mumbai, opposed potential slaughter of goats by a Muslim family inside the society

Controversy in Mumbai’s Mira Road society erupts after Muslim man gets two goats to his flat ahead of Bakrid, residents say won’t allow slaughter...

The residents saw a Muslim family getting two white goats in their apartment ahead of bakrid (Bakri-eid)

Muslim-majority Hamtramck City Council in Michigan approves religious animal sacrifice at homes

All the members of the Hamtramck City council are Muslims, and the approval for religious animal sacrifice at homes was given with 3-2 votes

Uttarakhand HC upholds ban on meat sale within 500 meters of river Ganga, says it’s in line with constitution owing to sanctity of water...

Uttarakhand High Court upholds Uttarkashi Zila panchayat's decision to prohibit the sale of meat within 500-meters of the river Ganga

PETA India chooses ‘peace’ this Bakri Eid, stays away from festival shaming unlike during Hindu festivals

Over the years, people have pointed out PETA India's hypocrisy over its stand on animal cruelty but they have always chosen 'peace' over appealing to the community to go vegan.

Uttarakhand: HC allows animal slaughter in Haridwar district’s Manglaur at a legally compliant slaughterhouse for Eid, stays Govt’s blanket ban

Uttarakhand high court directed that on Eid al-Adha, slaughtering of animals should be done only in the legally compliant slaughterhouse in the Manglaur municipality in the Haridwar district.

Pakistan: Cow for slaughter hoisted to rooftop ahead of Eid-al-Adha, onlookers call the animal cruelty ‘enjoyment’

The viral video from Pakistan shows a cow hoisted to the rooftop ahead of Eid-al-Adha amid cheers from onlookers.

Explained: How an animal is slaughtered in the ‘halal way’ and why stunning may not adhere to Islamic principles

Devout Muslims, who believe that Sharia is valid for all times and places, refuse to adapt to the modern technological advancements in the meat industry.

Denmark: Over 1400 dolphins killed in a barbaric tradition, distributed amongst locals for consumption amid outrage

Over 1400 white-sided dolphins were killed in Faroe Island in Denmark by the locals as part of the traditional Grindadrap event

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