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anti conversion law

Uttar Pradesh: Ishaque Ali became Raj to stalk minor girl, tried to assault her when real identity revealed, arrested and case filed

Ishaque Ali had hidden his identity and introduced himself as Raj to befriend a 14-year-old girl, arrested after he tried to assault her

Uttar Pradesh: Man arrested in Mahoba for trying to forcibly convert Hindu neighbour to Christianity

A case was thus registered against John under the Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Religious Conversion Law Sections 3 and 5.

Salim converts and marries minor girl after pretending to help in treatment, UP police book 3 under POCSO and anti-conversion law

The accused brought the victim to Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh on the pretext of getting her treated for her ailment by an occultist.

‘It is time to free India from the evils of conversion’: VHP demands nation-wide enactment of anti-conversion law to get rid of ‘conversion-jeevi’

On June 22, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) issued a press release demanding the enactment of central law to stop illegal conversions.

Gujarat: Police books one Imran Ansari under anti-conversion law for abduction, forced marriage and rape of a Jain girl

The accused coerced the victim into having a physical relationship and attempted to convert her to Islam for nikkah (marriage).

First FIR in Gujarat under new law: Muslim man pretends to be Christian, blackmails, hurls caste abuse, forces woman to convert to Islam after...

This is the first forced conversion case in Gujarat which has been registered under the state's new anti-conversion law

UP: Mahfooz, a cleric and others booked for illegally converting Sikh woman and her children, performing circumcision

Harjinder Kaur was named Gulistaan while her 12-year-old son Rahul and 10-year-old Sumit were named Farman and Anas. “He also conducted a circumcision ceremony of my sons,” Kaur confirmed to the police.

Shahenshah Khan poses as Brahmin to marry Hindu woman in Uttar Pradesh, later assaults her after identity is revealed

The Hindu woman said that Shahenshah Khan married her posing as a Brahmin. and sexually assaulted her after she found out the truth

Forced to read Namaz, change name to Alna after conversion to Islam: Years after marriage, Hindu woman finds out her husband ‘Ashok’ is ‘Afzal’,...

The woman alleged that her husband forced her to read namaaz, also snatched away her daughter from her and abandoned her in Mathura when she resisted conversion

Madhya Pradesh: Raja Khan promises to become Hindu to marry girl, ends relationship after girl refused to convert to Islam

The duo eloped to Delhi however the boy declined to marry upon reaching as the girl refused to change her religion to Islam

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