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Priyanka Sharma circulates a caricature of Mamata Banerjee, imposed over the latest picture of actress Priyanka Chopra. A complaint is filed and she is sent to 14-day judicial remedy.
The army had sought a report from the police about the images captured by the drone
Several concerns have been raised across the world regarding the addictive nature of the game, which also has a tendency to push children towards violent behaviour. Parents and educators say the game incites violence and distracts students from their studies.
Shrikant Mohta will be produced before the Court tomorrow. He is likely to be taken to Bhubaneshwar after he was arrested in Kolkata.
Varavara Rao is to be produced before the Pune Court tomorrow. 
Wake up and smell the coffee. Today it is Abhijit Iyer, tomorrow it could be you and I
Kerala government can impose fines up to Rs 13 lakh on some of the arrested Sabarimala devotees and also has issued look-out notices for hundreds of others.
The students were reportedly picked up in midnight raids, internet services in Manipur has been suspended.
This is a developing story and we will update this article with details as and when they emerge.
Naidu and his party leaders are facing the charge of defying the prohibitory orders of the local police and visiting the Babli project.
People in this country usually avoid commenting upon the wisdom of My Lords, but this differential treatment is unpalatable
Disgraced cop Sanjiv Bhatt is said to have played a key role in the entire episode of abduction and planting of narcotics in order to frame the lawyer.
A total of 12 accused have been arrested in connection with this matter
This incident has been reported form Agra in Uttar Pradesh
At least 28 people have been arrested in this matter
He used to take money from them after promising them jobs
Those impersonated included UP's deputy CM Dinesh Sharma, former BJP leader Yashwant Sinha and former Gujarat CM Shankar Singh Vaghela
There have been numerous messages on the social media that is defending the rape and the rapists.
A violent mob went on a rampage in MP's Burhanpur on Friday
He came out of jail in 2007 after serving his sentence
Action has also been taken against government employees who participated in the protests
He was also extremely critical of the Ram Rath Yatra in the state
She has been provided relief by the Supreme Court in a fund embezzlement case

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