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atrocities against Hindus

‘Committed grievous sin to marry a Hindu’: Hindu man murdered in Jharkhand for marrying a Muslim woman, accused Suleman booked

The accused Suleman is said to have mixed poison in the drinks offered to Das after which the latter immediately passed away.

Pakistan: Hindu youth killed for resisting his sister’s abduction, Sindh-based activist says police protecting the accused

A 35-year-old Hindu man was killed by a group of Islamists in Sindh in Pakistan for resisting his sister's abduction

Amidst rising Hinduphobia, a resolution passed in the US to label Hindu Groups as ‘severe hate groups’, ‘offshoots of RSS’

A resolution designating various Hindu organisations as severe hate groups was passed in the US.

Hindus in horror in Pakistan: Landlord Mohammad Akram strips, torments, and rapes Hindu woman worker after she asks for wages

The incident occurred in Bhawalpur in Punjab, Pakistan, after the lady approached the Muslim landlord to ask wages.

The post-poll violence in Bengal: Where is our Gopal Patha

What happened during Direct Action Day has significant lessons for Hindus of Bengal, who are being massacred in unbridled violence

VHP submits memorandum to Bihar Governor voicing concern over growing attacks on Hindus, especially Mahadalits by Jihadi elements in state

VHP has asked the Bihar governor to intervene in the attacks on Hindis and Dalits and order immediate action against the Islamist perpetrators

Supreme Court dismisses plea seeking protection of Hindus from the Muslim community in Mewat

The petitioners highlighted that the local police, the district administration, and the State government have failed to exercise their power in upholding the life and liberty of the Hindu community.

As outrage over brutal murder of Rinku Sharma grows, Bajrang Dal and VHP decide to organise events to pay tribute in 2500 places across...

The rage over the gory murder of the Hindu youth Rinku Sharma in Delhi's Mangolpuri area has been growing

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