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Babri demolition

No Muslim dynasty ever damaged or built mosques on Hindu temples, claims AIMLPB: How the Muslim body has been lying through its teeth

Numerous historical evidence, inscriptions from medieval era, and ASI reports reveal that mosques were indeed built on preexisting temples.

Rajasthan: Kashmiri student Sohrab Qayoom enrolled at Mewar University on Indian Army scholarship arrested over objectionable comments on Babri structure and Ram Mandir

A Mewar University student named Sohrab Qayoom from Kashmir was arrested for offensive comments on Ram Mandir and Babri structure.

“Unforgettable day”: Actress Revathy pens a heartwarming post on Ram Lalla, gets attacked by leftists and Islamists

Revathy’s Instagram post celebrating the homecoming of Ram Lalla triggered vicious attacks from leftists and Islamists.

Balbir Singh, first ‘Karsevak’ to attack Babri dome converted to Islam to atone for demolition: Karsevaks dispel long-running lie of Islamist-leftist media

For years, several Islamists and the leftist-liberal ecosystem have been peddling a story around Balbir Singh which is that he suffered the worst bout of paranoia for his contribution towards the demolition of the Babri structure and seemingly converted to Islam

CPM leader PK Biju asks people to turn off TVs on Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha day, says teachers should show children pictures of Babri...

The leader meanwhile also criticized the National Education Policy (NEP) and said that the policy has been introduced by the Central government to 'saffronize' the education system and that the Governor of Kerala Arif Mohammed Khan was conniving against the state.

‘To protect constitution and peace, firing ordered on Karsevaks’: SP leader Swami Prasad Maurya justifies Mulayam Singh Yadav govt’s 1990 “shoot at sight” order

SP leader Swami Prasad Maurya justified the Mulayam Singh Yadav-led Uttar Pradesh government's 'shoot at sight' order resulting in the deaths of numerous unarmed karsevaks in 1990

Avinash Maheshwari sacrificed his life at the age of 19 while doing Kar Seva at Ayodhya: Another story of sacrifice and devotion of a...

Avinash Maheshwari was 19 years old when he sacrificed his own life while trying to save several other Karsevaks during the Ram Janmabhoomi Movement.

Did you know: 3,500 temples were demolished, and 2,400 Hindu women were raped in Bangladesh on suspicion of Babri demolition 2 years before karseva

Two years before the karseva, Islamists in Bangladesh wreaked havoc, raping a parading naked over 2,400 Hindu women on suspicion of Babri demolition.

31 years of Babri demolition: Remembering the Karsevaks who razed the face of adharma to the ground to pave the way for a Bhavya...

As Ram Mandir in Ayodhya prepares for its grand opening, it is noteworthy to recollect the sacrifices made by Karsevaks in demolishing the symbol of tyranny.

30 years of Babri demolition: Read about the temporary ‘temple tent’ set up at Ram Janmabhoomi after levelling of the disputed structure

Ram Lalla's 'temporary Mandir' appeared in Ayodhya following the demolition of disputed Babri structure in 1992.

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