Thursday, September 23, 2021


Barack Obama

The parting gift: Joe Biden continues proud US tradition of killing Afghan children, as ‘human rights’ groups lecture others

Days before USA is set to exit the country under Joe Biden, a US drone strike on Sunday in Kabul killed as many six children.

Obama faces criticism as Martha’s Vineyard reports increase in Covid-19 cases after his maskless birthday party

Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts reported 74 new cases in a week, highest since April 2021, after birthday party of Barack Obama

Amid USA’s Covid crisis, Obama’s lavish birthday bash attracts criticism, NYT journo tries to justify it saying ‘a sophisticated, vaccinated crowd’

Barack Obama birthday bash without masks amid rising Delta cases attracted criticism on social media platforms.

Ghouta chemical attack: New study reveals involvement of Syrian rebels and not Assad, Obama wanted to bomb Syria in retaliation

The study built on previous revelations that punctured US claims about the Syrian govt's involvement in the Ghouta chemical attack.

Javed Akhtar gets schooled on difference between citizens and invaders: Here is what happened

It must also be noted that while Akhtar sings paeans on Mughals having Rajput wives, he forgets that a lot of these were not consensual and were often subject to forced religious conversion as well as sex slavery.

Did you know? US National Security Agency was authorised to spy on BJP when it was an opposition party

In 2014, Edward Snowden had released certain classified documents, which revealed that NSA was authorised to spy on BJP.

Hunter Biden’s laptop reveal chat with lawyer, N-word and racist remarks surface

Hunter Biden's controversial laptop and hard drive were picked up from a Delaware computer repair shop. His association with a Ukrainian gas company and alleged links with prostitution rackets had caused a political controversy.

Designated Islamist terrorist in Syria seeks acceptance in the USA, cites common interest with the West in toppling Assad regime

Abu Muhammad al-Julani and his organization have fought against Assad’s forces, Assad’s Russian and Iranian allies, and Jolani’s own former allies in ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Former Spiritual adviser to Obama and Bush, Pastor Kirbyjon H Caldwell sentenced to 6 years in jail for selling fake Chinese bonds to followers

Pastor Kirbyjon H Caldwell had sold Chinese bonds issued in 1949 with no current investment value to his followers

Barack Obama administration knowingly gave US aid money to Al-Qaeda affiliate, says Senate Committee report

US govt had granted taxpayer money to Al-Qaeda linked Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA), which had worked with World Vision

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