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Beef Politics

Assam: School headmistress arrested for serving beef to staff members during annual Gunotsav evaluation of the school

The headmistress of a school in Assam was booked and arrested after she brought cooked beef and served it to staff members

Tamil Nadu Commission for SC/ST cries ‘discrimination’ over the exclusion of beef biriyani from the ‘Ambur Biryani Tiruvizha 2022’, calls it ‘communal’

Earlier, the District Collector of Tirupattur had called for the exclusion of beef and pork biriyani from the 'Ambur Biriyani Thiruvizha 2022.

Uttar Pradesh: Newly elected village head Rakmuddin arrested with four others for cow slaughter

The newly elected village head Rakmuddin had allegedly promised a beef party for his supporters if elected to power.

Congress party fields Bindhu Krishna – the organiser of anti-Hindu ‘beef festival’ from Kollam

For 2021 Kerala Assembly elections, Congress has fielded Bindhu Krishna, from Kollam, who had organised beef festival

Once upon a time: How Congress leader Jairam Ramesh ended up admitting that his family contributes to global warming by eating beef

The former 'Environment Minister', whose environmental consciousness seemed to be missing for 5 years, had reinstated the importance of curbing the beef industry.

How and why I went from ‘Beef eating is a culinary preference’ to ‘those who eat beef are not my people’

Any person growing up in a traditional Hindu family is well aware of the significance of the cow and the taboo against eating beef.

Kerala: Congress workers distribute beef curry outside police station in Kozhikode

Amidst reports that beef was excluded from menu for state police trainees, Congress workers in Kerala distributed beef curry outside Mukkam Police station in Kozhikode district on Tuesday.

The Hindu history and heritage of Kerala: The land of the Chera kingdom associated with Lord Parashurama

Kerala as the land of Chera kingdom existed as early as 5-4th centuries BCE during the early Tamil Sangam age.

Beef politics enters Kolkata: Initial event cancelled, another ‘Beef and Pork’ festival slated to occur in September

Only recently, a Kolkata Beef Festival was cancelled by the organizers after they claimed to have receive threats.

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