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Popular Twitter user True Indology, who prefers to stay anonymous, hits out on those who got his account suspended
Imbiss has since apologised for hurting the religious sentiments of the patrons
In 2017, Rijil Makkutty had brutally butchered a calf in protest against the Centre's move enforcing anti-cow slaughter laws.
The family of the girl has accused Gulzar of Love Jihad and pressuring her to convert into Islam.
The latest scientific report from the ongoing World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos asks beef consumers to cut down on its consumption and improve their life-span by 5 to 7%
It is claimed that the Police was forced to open fire after the protesters attacked them with stones in Bulandshahar. In the chaos, Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh and youth Sumit lost their life.
In 2015, she had challenged the Sangh Parivar by taking the lead in organising a beef festival at the college, which is run by Cochin Devaswom Board.
Kalyani biryani is another of the famous biryanis from Hyderabad made with either beef or buff.
The arguments for banning beef are exactly the same as those for banning Diwali firecrackers. With the happy exception that a ban on favourite can actually save the world.
Indian cricket team has reportedly become very specific about the diet.
The apology appeared in small fonts which could be easily missed
Thadani was in Kerala helping the flood relief operations
While Congress is doing what it does best, the media has failed and turned into mouthpieces
Rizvi stated that cattle smuggling needs to be tackled with strict punishments
Illegal cow slaughtering and cattle mafia have become an epidemic and a major flash-point for ethnic and religious conflicts
He was adorning a tilak on his forehead and wearing a sacred thread when he met her.
The News Minute also got backlash for lack of objectivity in reporting the story and legitimizing the trolls.
They said Junaid was killed for carrying beef, they have been proven wrong
Investigation into the incident might reveal the role of principal and authorities in this controversial incident.
Students allege the beef cutlets were presented and served as vegetarian.
She had earlier eloped with the man despite her parents objecting to her love marriage.
How I was subjected to hate and mockery just because I shared a picture with my cow.
Reports also claimed that she was given rape and death threats
Columnist Tufail Ahmad claims to have invented the term, and he is horribly wrong in his assumptions.
The mafia is alleged to have fired at another member of the family recently. Incident happened in Uttar Pradesh.
The Indian mainstream media has been notorious for twisting facts and pushing an agenda
The family of the main accused claim that Junaid had phoned in and called people who made the fight fatal.
A dangerous lie is being spread across media outlets that "97% of cow related violence" happened after Modi came to power.

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