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There will be no ban on beef in Meghalaya if BJP comes to power as it’s a Christian majority state: State BJP chief

Meghalaya BJP chief Ernest Mawrie on Friday said that if BJP comes to power in the state, they would not impose any restrictions on consuming beef

Uttar Pradesh: Man accused of selling sugarcane juice adulterated with beef granted bail by Allahabad High Court

Fuzail arrested on suspicion of peddling beef-adulterated sugarcane juice has been granted bail by the Allahabad high court. Justice Deepak Verma granted bail to the accused-applicant, after taking into account the specifics of the charges included in the FIR and the rules established by the supreme court.

Jharkhand: Khaleel Miya arrested for force-feeding beef to tribals in Hazaribagh

In Dulmaha, Jharkhand, one Khaleel Miya threatened locals to consume beef and attempted to convert them to Islam.

Jharkhand: Hindu man stripped, assaulted by Mithun Shaikh and 4 others for refusing to eat beef

Chandan has now filed a complaint with the Radhanagar police and sought action against the accused.

Rajasthan: Made in Pakistan candy containing beef gelatine sold in Udaipur, unsold products seized after complaints

Chili Mili Jelly made in Pakistan that contains beef gelatine was found at a shop in Udaipur in Rajasthan

Surat: Restaurant owner Sarfaraz Mohammad Khan arrested for serving beef to customers, butcher who supplied cow meat is now absconding

In the FSL report it was found that out of 60 kg of meat, 20 kg was cow meat and 40 kg of buffalo meat.

Gujarat: Hindu youth Rohit Singh dies by suicide after his Muslim wife and brother-in-law forcefully feed him beef

Rohit Singh committed suicide after his wife Sonam and her brother Mukhtar fed him beef, and then they didn't inform his family about the death

Kerala: Congress leader mocks Hindus with ‘Gau Mata Fry’ photo as he enjoys beef fry

Congress leader from Kerala shared photograph of beef fry to mock and insult Hindus.

Assam: School headmistress arrested for serving beef to staff members during annual Gunotsav evaluation of the school

The headmistress of a school in Assam was booked and arrested after she brought cooked beef and served it to staff members

Tamil Nadu Commission for SC/ST cries ‘discrimination’ over the exclusion of beef biriyani from the ‘Ambur Biryani Tiruvizha 2022’, calls it ‘communal’

Earlier, the District Collector of Tirupattur had called for the exclusion of beef and pork biriyani from the 'Ambur Biriyani Thiruvizha 2022.

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