Friday, December 3, 2021



Indian cricketers get their new dietary plan, will be able to eat only ‘Halal certified’ meat now, according to reports: Details

The new diet plan for the Indian cricket team mandates players to have only halal certified meat products

Fresh case filed against Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui arrested in conversion racket case, converted man says he was forced to eat beef

Converted man Prajapati said that he was forced to eat beef by Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui, and was threatened to kill for refusing to eat the same

Odisha: 20 tonnes of beef seized while being transported to West Bengal, Javed and Bapi Mandal arrested

As per a report in Organiser, one Javed Mandal (40) and Bapi Mandal (30) of North 24 Pargana district of West Bengal have been arrested in connection to the matter.

Fact Check: Viral message claims Cadbury Chocolates contain beef, company says its products in India are vegetarian

Cadbury India says viral message claiming its products contain beef is not related to India, says all its products in India are vegetarian

Gujarat: Communal clashes erupt in Panchmahal as mob of cow beef smugglers, aides attack police, pelt stones

As of now, a complaint has been registered against 41 people and about 50-60 unknown persons. The situation is currently under control.

Australia: Hindus outrage at the racist attack after minced beef was found dumped in a community cricket pitch

About 2 kg of minced beef was found dumped on the wicket on the Hargrave Reserve Pitch at Modbury Heights in Adelaide, South Australia. The pitch is used by the local Hindu community.

Uttar Pradesh: Newly elected village head Rakmuddin arrested with four others for cow slaughter

The newly elected village head Rakmuddin had allegedly promised a beef party for his supporters if elected to power.

Congress party fields Bindhu Krishna – the organiser of anti-Hindu ‘beef festival’ from Kollam

For 2021 Kerala Assembly elections, Congress has fielded Bindhu Krishna, from Kollam, who had organised beef festival

Once upon a time: How Congress leader Jairam Ramesh ended up admitting that his family contributes to global warming by eating beef

The former 'Environment Minister', whose environmental consciousness seemed to be missing for 5 years, had reinstated the importance of curbing the beef industry.

How and why I went from ‘Beef eating is a culinary preference’ to ‘those who eat beef are not my people’

Any person growing up in a traditional Hindu family is well aware of the significance of the cow and the taboo against eating beef.

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