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Khalistani flag with portrait of Bhindranwale spotted on farmer protest tractor marching towards Delhi

Flag with Bhindranwale's portrait spotted on a tractor in farmer protests

Punjab: Pro-Khalistanis attack retired Army officer after he removed Bhindranwale’s portrait from Gurdwara

Pro Kalistani elements attacked former Army officer in Punjab after he removed poster of Bhindranwale

Sant Khalsa Gurudwara, where Amritpal surrendered – read how it has links to Khalistani terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale

Sant Khalsa Gurudwara from where Amritpal Singh surrendered is linked to Bhindranwale.

Amritpal Singh’s arrest: Bhindranwale’s nephew may have played a role

Some reports have suggested that Khalistani terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale’s nephew Jasbir Singh Rode might have played a role in the arrest.of Amritpal Singh.

During Operation Blue Star, Khalistanis believed Pakistan would come to their rescue and attack India: Former Khalistani Kuljinder Dhillon

Khalistanis waited for help from Pakistan during Operation Blue Star but the "help" never arrived.

Khalistani calls Hindu god Hanuman ‘first international terrorist’

Pro-Khalistan separatist voices have often resorted to insulting Hindu gods and goddesses, which is often the modus operandi of Islamist terrorists.

‘He is a saviour. He is anti-drugs’: Narrative to protect Amritpal Singh and its similarities with attempts to shield Bhindranwale’s Khalistan movement

Amritpal Singh aped Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale in picking up the pervasive drugs menace and amassing a following in Punjab.

Rise of Amritpal Singh and rants on ‘Clubhouse’: From getting women involved, to farmers’ protest and setting up ‘lone wolf’ cells working for Khalistan

Deep Sidhu and Amritpal Singh used social media to mobilize support and Clubhouse was one of the platforms they used

Bhindranwale 2.0 Amritpal Singh chickens out when asked why his ‘Khalistan’ does not include Pakistan Punjab, says that issue will be considered later

In a latest interview to India Today, Sikh separatist leader and current chief of 'Waris Punjab De,' Amritpal Singh has said, that his organization wants to create Khalistan in India first.

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