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Bihar Elections 2020

Bihar: Three MLAs of NDA ally Vikassheel Insaan Party quits party and joins BJP, making it the single largest party

With the joining of the three VIP MLAs, the total number of BJP MLAs has risen to 77 from the existing 74 in Bihar

Watch: Director rues how he made a documentary showing the ‘plight of migrant workers’ post COVID lockdown, but all 7 of them voted for...

Despite the best efforts of Vinod Kapri to indoctrinate the 7 migrant workers into believing that the government did nothing for them, they ended up voting for the BJP in Bihar.

Bihar Congress workers go wild, throw chairs, shout at each other over 2020 Assembly election defeat

The Bihar police needed to intervene to control the frenzied Congress party functionaries at the state headquarters.

Bihar’s female voter is the unsung ‘Person of the Year’, let us give her the respect she has earned: Here is how

A day after Bihar Assembly polls results, a much-flustered intellectual declared: “Elections are no longer the most happening things in our democracy.”

The Wire’s faux analysis: How it went from ‘Modi can’t get crowds in his rally’ to ‘Bihar admires Modi’ in 48 hours flat

As NDA emerged victorious in Bihar, the left-liberals, who had hoped for a victory of RJD-Congress-Communist alliance were perturbed.

BJP releases audio, accuses Lalu Yadav of trying to lure NDA MLAs with offer of ministerial berths after he brings Nitish govt down

In the audiotape, when Paswan said he cannot vote against the party, Lalu asked him to be absent from the assembly on Election Day.

Bihar’s newly elected AIMIM MLA refuses to say ‘Hindustan’ during the oath-taking ceremony

BJP leader Pramod Kumar had rebuked the AIMIM leader by saying that those who have a problem with the word 'Hindustan', can go to Pakistan.

Liberal outrage over no Muslims in Bihar’s ruling alliance hides caste realities in Indian Muslim society

The Pasmandas, who make up 85% of Indian Muslim society, are systematically denied a voice within their community.

Rise of Owaisi in Bihar – What it means for the Congress party and Indian politics

The problem is not the AIMIM or any other political party - the problem is the feeling of separatism that exists among a certain set of people.

Voters are not ready for ‘liberal values’: Congress Salman Khurshid blames people for his party’s repeated election loss

In a long Facebook post, Khurshid has indirectly targeted Kapil Sibal, asking him to do some introspection and not criticise the party in the media.

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