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As the issues of Bofors scam, 1984 Sikh genocide, and Rajiv Gandhi's vacation using INS Viraat pick up public attention, Priyanka Gandhi alleges that PM Modi is discussing Pakistan and 'other absurd issues' without speaking about the problems of the people.
OpIndia has accessed evidence to show that Sonia Gandhi's Italian family could have been involved in the Bofors scandal, with their names carefully hidden from the public eye
These documents that point towards the Gandhi family are secret notes about Eurofighter lobbying faxed by Christian Michel to Guido Haschke. 
Modi said that people had made armed forces and defence the means of income for themselves, and didn't build the war memorial as there was no money to be made.
Khatua was reported missing by his family members on January 18 last month. His body was found yesterday near a drain behind the ordinance factory in Jabalpur.
At the United India opposition rally in Kolkata, Sharad Yadav said that Bofors was daylight robbery and that while our soldiers laid their lives down at the border, the ruling dispensation had robbed and stole in the Bofors case
NDTV draws parallel between imaginary Rafale scam and real scams during Congress rule
This deal for K9 Vajra is one of the first defence programmes between India and South Korea.
The court said it was not convinced with the CBI's reasons on the long delay in filing the appeal
As of now, it appears that the allegations of a scam by either side are merely political rhetoric
Swaminathan Gurumurthy has been one of India's most powerful voices for decades
Acceptance of the scam elated Twitter users
Congress Mukt Bharat is not Modi's idea. It was Gandhi's idea. We are just trying to follow his footsteps
Congress clamps down on freedom on press
Recently declassified CIA documents have again awaken the Bofors scam's ghost which has long haunted the Congress party.

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