Saturday, September 18, 2021



Supreme Court dismisses CBI’s appeal in Bofors case, but the case remains alive

The court said it was not convinced with the CBI's reasons on the long delay in filing the appeal

Rafale deal didn’t go through in the UPA era as ‘kickback’ demands were not met?

As of now, it appears that the allegations of a scam by either side are merely political rhetoric

All you need to know about the new RBI Director, Swaminathan Gurumurthy

Swaminathan Gurumurthy has been one of India's most powerful voices for decades

Congress mouthpiece accepts Bofors was a scam

Acceptance of the scam elated Twitter users

Everyone wants ‘New India’ but Congress wants their own version of India – PM walks Rajya Sabha down the memory lane

Congress Mukt Bharat is not Modi's idea. It was Gandhi's idea. We are just trying to follow his footsteps

Congress leaders get nervous jitters when questioned about Vadra, Bofors

Congress clamps down on freedom on press

CIA document claims Sweden stopped Bofors inquiry to save Rajiv Gandhi and their own politicians

Recently declassified CIA documents have again awaken the Bofors scam's ghost which has long haunted the Congress party.

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