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Indian Government has made new revelations about the attempt by Pakistan yesterday to attack Indian military bases. Following India’s air strike on terror camps in Pakistan on the early hours of 26th February, Pakistan Air Force fighters had tried to enter the Indian air space, but they are chased back by Indian Air Force MiG-21 jets which were on Combat Air Patrol (CAP) at that time. Indian jets had shot down an F-16 jet of Pakistan, while a MiG-21 had crashed inside Pakistan controlled Kashmir, and the pilot was captured by locals and handed over to Pakistani Army. According to...
Several people posted on social media that India has dropped bombs over Sialkot in Pakistan
black powder form firecracker is used to make bombs by terrorists
The blast has occurred at a weekly gathering of the Nirankaris, a spiritual organisation, in Adliwal village of Amritsar.
The US law enforcement agencies are carrying out the investigation.
Both arrested persons hail from West Bengal and were working as contract labourers.
It is yet to be ascertained as to who ordered this clean-up even before the forensic team could examine the site
The blast, according to the police is of ‘high intensity’. Iron Nails were also recovered from the blast site.
In 2013, too, Naxals had killed 9 CRPF and had put pressure bombs in five bodies
The police has undertaken further investigation.
Yesterday, a Periyar statue was vandalised in Vellore.
The temple had been on target of Islamic terrorists earlier

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