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The fourth phases of Lok Sabha elections in West Bengal have been mired in controversy as sporadic instances of violence have been reported throughout the state just as the first three phases of elections.
Large scale violence and irregularities have been witnessed during the Lok Sabha elections in West Bengal
The motive behind the attack was to seek vengeance against Buddhists for alleged atrocities against Rohingyas
The police has undertaken further investigation.
After a night long ordeal, the flight took off at 11 am from Ahmedabad
Such incidents of bomb recoveries have become fairly common in West Bengal
Crude bomb, threatening letter recovered from Amritsar bound Akal Takht Express. No casualties.
The incident happened in the Birbhum district of West Bengal
Was Obama the great President as he is portrayed to be?
ISI hand is suspected behind the recent train accident near Kanpur.

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