Wednesday, September 22, 2021



Kabul: Taliban takes over Norwegian embassy, promises to return after smashing wine bottles and burning all books

"Guns apparently less dangerous,” remarked Norwegian ambassador to Iran while Tweeting Taliban's takeover of their embassy.

After food fiesta, massage parlours and gym langars, farmer protests in Delhi now have library, free newsletter and free tattoo stalls

Volunteers participating in the farmer protests have launched a bi-weekly newsletter by the name of 'Trolley Times'.

PM Modi praises book by young authors, ends up crashing their website due to high traffic

Website link shared by PM Modi while promoting a book resulted in server crash due to surge in traffic.

Kashmir is integral to India’s civilisational heritage, given its Hindu and Buddhist history: Excerpt from ‘A New Idea Of India: Individual Rights In A...

A New Idea Of India: Individual Rights In A Civilisational State is written by Harsh Madhusudan and Rajeev Mantri.

Big ‘Liberal’ is watching you: The chilling part about the Delhi riots book ‘ban’

By now, everyone knows what happened with the book Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story. The book was about to be published … and then it wasn’t.

Sri Lankan govt launches research to find out ancient aviation technology used by Ravana, seeks relevant material from public

Sri Lankan government to conduct in-depth research on Ravana and the ancient aviation history of the country.

Korean series, Kannada magazine, novels and ‘psychic’ warnings: Here are the coronavirus ‘predictions’ going viral on social media

Screengrabs from the Netflix show 'My Secret Terrius' are going viral on social media, an episode had references to a China-origin coronavirus as a bioweapon

The Anti-CAA Harry Potter placards: Dear Millennials, this new year, read a goddamned new book

If millennials are under the impression that they are convincing anyone with these Harry Potter placards, then they are a million times more stupid than one previously assumed them to be.

The Curse of Gandhari: Author Aditi Banerjee tells why Gandhari is her favourite queen

"The Curse of Gandhari" author Aditi Banerjee says she finds Gandhari as one of the most inspirational and unforgettable characters.

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