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From ‘Muslims of UP will win’ to ‘will ensure security to Brahmins’: Opposition leaders kick off 2022 election campaign

As Uttar Pradesh is set to go to polls early next year, the political parties have started their campaigns since many believe this will set the tone for 2024 general elections

Image of Chattisgarh CM’s ‘arrested’ father eating lunch in a police chamber goes viral, Netizens call the arrest a charade

Picture of Chhattisgarh CM's 'arrested' father eating lunch in the air-conditioned chamber in the police station has gone viral

BSP, SP scramble to woo the ‘Brahmin votebank’ ahead of UP elections, bet big on soft Hindutva

As the highly anticipated Uttar Pradesh elections get closer, the parties are gearing up to play their cards right

Ravindra Jadeja shows how to bat against left-wing outrage mob, why others should follow

After Suresh Raina got attacked online for asserting his Brahmin identity, Ravindra Jadeja called himself a ‘proud Rajput boy’

Ex-Cricketer Suresh Raina asserts his Brahmin identity, gets attacked on social media

Suresh Raina has been an integral part of the Indian Premiere League (IPL) team Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and was speaking about his connection with Chennai.

Meet the ‘dog parent’ IRS Babu with pronouns in bio who deactivated Twitter account and hates arranged marriages

IRS officer Piyush Thorat earned the wrath of people on social media after delivering a 'hot take' on the concept of arranged marriages.

Mukesh was burnt alive at Tikri Border because he was a Brahmin? Village head thinks so, the family wants speedy justice

Residents of Kasar village near Tikri border, where Mukesh was burnt alive, demand immediate removal of tents of farmer protestors

Earth, space, time, and more: Read how Indian scholars had recorded astronomical facts centuries before they were ‘discovered’ by Westerns

Based on original Sanskrit texts, the book “Indian Astronomy: A Source-Book” narrates how ancient India excelled in astronomy

Hindu activist demands cancellation of resident permit of Kannada actor Chetan Kumar for hate speech against Brahmins

After anti-Hindu speech by USA citizen Kannada actor Chetan Kumar, activist petitions for cancelation of his temporary resident permit

Tamil YouTube channel reporter harasses Brahmin women and peddles caste hatred; Indu Makkal Katchi to file a complaint on the incident

A reporter of a Tamil YouTube channel Red Pix was seen harassing a woman and peddling caste hatred against Brahmin people

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