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As Pune police book Mukesh Machkar for inciting genocide of Brahmins by attacking women, read why Brahmin bashing is considered cool in Maharashtra

Read the historical and political reasons why bashing Brahmins is considered cool in Maharashtra

Fake screenshot of Dainik Bhaskar circulated by AAP worker claims Brahmins support Manusmiriti laws, Hindi daily debunks false claims

After the screenshot went viral on social media, Dainik Bhaskar called out the forgery. In a report, Bhaskar slammed the fake screenshot being circulated in their name and stated that they never published any such report.

‘Religious conversions started with Bollywood’: IAS officer Niyaz Khan says that Muslims should become Gaurakshaks

Niyaz Khan, an IAS officer from Madhya Pradesh cadre claimed that Bollywood is responsible for the religious conversions

Dalit journalist says sorry to BBC’s Brahmin journalist for falsely accusing her of caste bias, case closed after mutual agreement

Dalit ‘activist’ Ved Prakash apologises to BBC India head Rupa Jha for falsely accusing her of firing a Dalit journalist due the caste discrimination

Anti-Brahmin rhetoric at the core of Dravidian movement is common, but did you know Brahmin participation in the toxicity? The story of VP Raman

What is of interest to us is the life and work of V P Raman as an example of the inability of the elite Brahmins of the time to fully comprehend the nature of the Dravidian movement. 

Brahmins do not belong to India, they are from Russia: RJD leader goes on an anti-Brahmin tirade, threatens to ‘send them back’

The RJD leader alleged that DNA testing has supposedly confirmed that Brahmins are outsiders and have descended from Russia and other European nations.

Netizens express shock as media reports suggest Justice Joseph smiled at calls for genocide of Brahmins

Supreme Court on Wednesday was hearing a contempt plea regarding alleged hate speech made against Muslims in Maharashtra when the argument took place.

Twitter user followed by Prakash Raj calls for the beheading of Brahmin women and children in the name of ‘Dalit empowerment’

A Twitter user @kannadamando has called for the beheading of Brahmin women and children by Dalits so that Davidian-Marxist idea of social justice is achieved

Famous Chef Namboothiri serving quality food for 16 years at school fests attacked for his Brahmin identity, read the bizarre tale from Kerala

Famous chef in Kerala, Namboothiri , announced he would no longer participate in tendering process to serve food at school fests after he got attacked for being Brahmin

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