Thursday, September 23, 2021



Slaves of Modern Protestors: Why I fear the ‘Andolanjeevis’

The more you get into this cobweb, the more you realize the so-called protestors, andolanjeevis, are the real oppressors.

Pakistan: Nuclear scientist accuses Imran Khan govt of Talibanising education, forcing burqa upon women, TV host wears hijab in protest

Pakistani nuclear physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy slammed Imran Khan govt over 'Talibanisation' of education under new Single National Curriculum

Bihar: Bhagalpur girls cry ‘Talibani Sharia law’ after superintendent issues burqa farman, pelt stones at hostel gate

Bhagalpur girls said that they are fed-up with the way their personal freedom on the campus is being questioned and they are being tortured by an orthodox superintendent to wear burqa.

‘Why your head is uncovered?’ Islamists attack 20-year-old Radio Jockey in Baramullah, laments that the ‘Chota Pakistan’ has western influence now

Islamists attack young radio jockey from Kashmir Samaniya Bhat for joining CRPF backed Radio Station and not covering head

Taliban defaces women pictures outside Kabul salon, sales of burqas skyrocket after Islamist group takes over Afghanistan

As Taliban takes over Afghanistan, restrictions on women are back despite the promise made in press conference that they will have rights 'under Islamic Sharia'

Despite projecting a ‘moderate’ image in TV studios, Taliban kills woman for not wearing burqa, fires at women and children outside Kabul Airport

While the Taliban is trying to project a 'moderate' image in TV studios, on the street they still remain the same fundamentalist group

UP Minister says practice of wearing burqa is ‘inhumane’ and ‘evil custom’ suggests a ban in India

Anand Swarup Shukla said that practices like triple talaq and burqa encourages Wahabi culture in India.

Maulana who calls men bh*dwas for not putting women in Burqa has a Mamata Banerjee connection

A video of Maulana Jarjis ranting and raving against women who refrain from wearing fully covering purdah has gone viral on social media.

Sri Lanka announces ban on burqa, to shut down over 1000 Islamic schools in the country

Public Security Minister of Sri Lanka Sarath Weerasekara signed an order that sought Cabinet approval to ban Burqa

Bareilly Muslim organization issues diktat to boycott weddings where women ‘mingle with unknown men’ and ‘don’t wear full hijab’

Muslim fundamentalist organisations have issued many more such bizarre fatwas in the past as well

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