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Supriya Prasad said that he has never faced pressure from the government regarding any news broadcast.
Nawazuddin Siddiqui and his brother have been slammed by clerics for movie highlighting the evils of Nikah Halala
Give us total freedom of expression and watch the masks of liberalism slip away
A holographic figure has been recruited by the youth wing of the Communist party as their ‘youth ambassador’.
Decoding a tweet by Anand Ranganathan to Manish Tewari that has got people’s head spinning
She forgot one critical piece of information while citing Padmavati vs. Gandhi
Mamata Banerjee talks about freedom of expression, gets called out.
Won't be too long before Twitter un-verifies Indian Right Wing Twitter handles
Mimicry artist Shyam Rangeela told that his words were twisted by the media
The former NDTV journalist defended her going public with censorship within the organization
Barkha Dutt fires fresh salvo at NDTV. Calls them 'Fake Liberals'.
Indic Collective the organisation in question has taken up very novel initiatives
Shashi Tharoor tweets fake news link, gets called out.
Many media reports blamed government and claimed censorship without caring to report the facts.
Film screenings were delayed and cancelled at various places due to protests by Congress supporters.
Marathi journalist Nikhil Wagle had claimed that his TV show was stopped under 'political pressure'
They were discussing the recent controversy surrounding Madhur Bhandarkar's upcoming film Indu Sarkar
An open letter to Mr. Bhandarkar, explaining why Congress' opposition to Indu Sarkar totally 'makes sense'.
The rebel AAP leader had written a blog post that was published on the Hindi news website of NDTV.
The YouTube channel of a popular parody group is getting banned for mocking AAP. Meet the founders.
Arvind Kejriwal has found new fans, though for an unusual reason.
The article had exposed the left-liberal hypocrisy over the ongoing controversy around Ramjas College and Gurmehar Kaur.
Twitter has been throttling voices of a particular ideology
Suppression of free speech or fight against an impersonator?
Abuse and threats on social media are not a one-way street as the mainstream media will like you to believe.
While the Chief Justice of India says that the judges were overworked, courts are admitting and entertaining frivolous PILs.
Dr. Pandit reveals all about the Ishrat Jahan docudrama and surrounding controversies.
A young Jain writes that he doesn’t support meat ban, but those outraging have to see the politics and history behind it.
Is Arun Jaitly getting rid of media posts attacking him?

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