Monday, September 20, 2021



EXCLUSIVE: Kangana Ranaut speaks after her Twitter suspension – ‘keep the focus on Bengal, my Twitter account doesn’t matter’

Kangana Ranaut has said that she can come back via other platforms, but the focus must remain on the violence happening in West Bengal.

From censorship to propaganda and disinformation: Here’s how China seeks to reshape the narrative on the repression of Uyghurs in Xinjiang

From outrightly denying the existence of Uyghur repression, China has evolved its strategy to hardened public stance, vigorously deflecting criticism and showing a tenacity to confront its critics in the West.

Facebook censors media reports of multi-million dollar real estate purchases by BLM co-founder, her group calls criticism ‘White Supremacy’

Facebook users said that shared links to stories from NY Post and the Daily Mail about BLM co-founder were met with an error message.

James O’Keefe to sue as Twitter suspends accounts days after Project Veritas exposed CNN Technical Director making shocking claims on video

Twitter has suspended the accounts of Project Veritas and their founder James O'Keefe after they exposed CNN and their propaganda campaign

Twitter censors criticism of Black Lives Matter co-founder for purchasing home worth $1.4 million in White neighbourhood

Twitter is censoring criticism of the co-founder of the Black Liver Matter movement Patrisse Khan-Cullors on its platform.

Amazon-owned Twitch will now ban users for harassment that does not take place on its streaming platform

The popular streaming platform Twitch will now take into account off-site harassment and ban users as per the new policy

Tyranny of big-tech: Twitter won’t allow the US National Archives to merely host Trump’s old tweets on the platform

Twitter will not permit the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration to make Donald Trump old tweets available

USA: In a boost for free speech, Supreme Court Justice suggests Big Tech may not have the right to regulate content on their platforms

USA Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas in a non-binding order today wrote regarding the problem of Big Tech platforms censoring opinions

Venezuela President uses wife’s Facebook page to slam the social media giant for freezing his page

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's account was freezed by Facebook for alleged policy violation.

Twitter locks House Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene out of her account as Democrats push process to remove her from US Congress

Twitter has locked the account of US House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene barring her from using her account.

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