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The Government must rethink its strategy on small issues
No Country is Free without Right to Free Speech
Cancellation of Seinfeld could have been just a case of bad luck
Pahlaj Nihalani goes one step ahead. Along from film-makers, the Censor Board members have also started voicing opinions against him.
A telling episode of how Stand-Up comics further their political propaganda
India's Daughter reminds us of an important incident which must not be forgotten
An online petition to sack Pahlaj Nihalani, the chief of Censor Board.
The documentary doesn't deserve to be banned for its content, but the content deserves serious questioning.
The makers of "India's Daughter" might have flouted some legal terms and conditions.
A revealing view on how India "Liberals" have been hypocritical in their criticism of the murder of Avijit Roy
The so-called "liberals" are often on wrong foot and lacking sane arguments, abusing them gives them an upper hand.
Is Rajdeep Sardesai more than just an AAP sympathiser?
Another attempt by Mainstream media in cahoots with Social Media to attack BJP unjustifiably.
Battles are not won by surrendering or running away. AIB had a good chance.
AIB's apology has been disappointing
All India Bakchod took down their video. Read why and what we can learn from the entire incident.
Censor Board Member Ashoke Pandit needed to be censored himself today
Where @waatho sets the record straight about the AIB roast
Roasting is meant to be offensive, but AIB might have offended more people than they bargained for. And liberals are being "liberals".
Censor Board mutes the word "Mumbai" in a song. Who is to blame?
Everyone is loving it, I too loved it, but AIB Knockout had moments that made me uncomfortable.
Decrypting MSG -Messenger of God
Ira Bhaskar and Anjum Rajabali may be well qualified to be on the Censor Board, but there are more reasons as to why they were appointed in the first place.
A sordid past of CBFC chairperson Leela Samson who is trying to create a scene by resigning over a non-issue
A dissection of the current members of the Censor board, and also tips on how you can be one.
Pope Francis's statements showed that he justified violence in response to verbal criticism. Will this strengthen the arms of religious extremists all over the world, across faiths?
Three key takeaways after the government used the IT Act and blocked 32 websites because of pro-ISIS content on them.
Section 69A is another dangerous provision in the IT Act, which has now been invoked to block some content sharing sites like DailyMotion.
A movie critical of Congress was almost killed by the UPA government appointed Censor Board chief. The post has always indulged in such irrational censoring while our liberals have looked the other way.

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